Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Just hanging out this afternoon. Nothing much going except the inevitable shelling of beans. Gotta keep those beans a moving! Yes sir. It is nice that I read in a 'sow and save' book today that I can freeze my beans and they will still be good for seed. Happy days. Freezing will kill the Weevils and I get to plant the stuff anyway. Nothing quite like killing Weevils, although they do add usable protein to grains. Other folks are more finicky than me I suppose. But I asked the question of where did the recipe for dirty rice come from originally? Could it have been from.... naw, couldn't have been.

I am still pissed off about the bailout of Frannie and Freddie. I think it is a travesty and I think it pisses God off as well as me and a few hundred thousand kindred souls. Of all the dirty, filthy, underhanded tricks to pull. Those fucking crooks steal all that money, get paid enormous wages plus millions in severance pay and we peons get stuck with the bill. This is not the country I was born in. This place has turned into a drama of evil and depredation. Sick Bastards!

I have been discussing a bio-diesel plant here in southern Indiana. I could sure use the money. Ford is gonna come take my truck if I don't do something pretty soon. Hard to make it down here in the holler without a good truck. Especially with all the snow expected this Winter. It's a 2004 model and still runs good. I have a lead on some Phosphate Rock down in Florida and that would be nice to get my hands on. I could become a fertilizer manufacturer. Phosphate Rock is running $1225 ton up here in southern Indiana. Pretty dear price. I could make fertilizer pretty easy, I think. Bag it up and ship it out the door. Wouldn't be organic, but neither is the money. Some Central Bank issues the money so you know it's poison!

I can probably feed myself and my wife and our neighbors and their six kids this Winter, providing I get some help in the meat department. My neighbor assured me I would get plenty of help. He is a crack shot, by the way. Protein is always the big issue as far as I am concerned. The Handmaiden can get me rolling with her foraging prowess in the Spring if I get deficient in my vitamins and minerals. This evening a guy gave me several bushes loaded with Cayenne peppers, red and ripe and ready to pick. I gave him a gift of Cranberry beans about a week and a half ago. Those Cranberry beans get 'em every time. Mighty good.

It's Thursday morning now and I have had breakfast and made a phone call or two and handled and internet outage (my end this time) and have gotten the Handmaiden to think about getting me some bags of beans before the rain hits us. Weather Underground and Kaiser Von Texas and Mayberry are all saying that things look pretty bad for Texas right now. I cannot say too many good things about Texas other than the fact that there are some damn good people living there. People I think a lot of. Survivalists. So if it looks bad, get the hell out! Ain't a damn thing worth your life. And if your house in insured against water and hurricane damage, what the hell. You can always take the insurance check and buy a piece of retreat land somewhere, after you pay the mortgage dog off, of course.

The Handmaiden has an excellent post up on her blog. She has been doing things with Elderberries. Good things. I urge you to give her a look. She is on my page on the right hand column, up near the top. You might be able to use some of her knowledge.

I'll go for now and wish you all to stay alive. To the people down in Texas, may God bless you and keep you. Mayberry told me he would sit through a Cat. 1 hurricane but this Ike is just too big and too powerful and he will be leaving if it is going to come ashore in Corpus. And he has lived on that coast for a long time and knows what the hell he is talking about. I can tell you about the hills and hollers but I don't live on the Gulf coast, so I listen to folks that do.


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Thanks for the kind thoughts Michael! I'll be staying for the show but I'm prepped and ready!