Sunday, September 21, 2008


Go to and read this sort little post. It seems we are bailing out foreign speculators. And it seems like this is not the first pile of cash to be given to the foreign investors. But you can get this data from the article just like I did.

I would just like to say the my name and signature is not on ONE FUCKING PIECE OF PAPER THE PURPORTS TO BUY OUT THESE BASTARDS! They play fast and loose with huge amounts of dollars, raking in the billions while the getting is good and then when it falls on it's ass they have us pick up the tab. I DENY ANY SUPPORT OF THIS ACTIVITY.

I would like to tell you that the bail-out of all of this toxic paper bullshit is done with a little slight of hand. Something else you don't get told about. Funny how these little things are somehow overlooked. There is two ways that I know of that are used in pricing anything of asset value. That ain't saying there ain't any more. But assets can be Marked to Model or they can be Marked to Market. Marked to Model is claiming an asset at the price for which it was sold to begin with. Say a house was sold as a million dollar structure in 2004. The mortgage can be continued as Marked to Model and it is listed on the books as a million dollar home. The bank holding that mortgage can continue to declare it to be worth a million bucks. The other method of rating an asset is to Mark to Model or call it's value at the current market price. And that might only be $600,000 in our current distress. But you can see what a vast difference there is in rating the worth of an asset.

OUR GOVERNMENT IS BUYING ALL THESE TOXIC MORTGAGES UP AS MARKED TO MODEL! The banks get away completely clean. Scot free! All profits are made as planned and the people get left holding the bag of toxic toilet paper. What a deal!

Doesn't this just make your morning? Aren't you happy now at the generosity of your fedgov toward the kindly bankers? The same guys who just tried to short the Silver market.

GET OUT OF DEBT. GET INTO TANGIBLES. BULLETS, BEANS, BAND-AIDS AND BUDDIES. This piece of financial shit is going up in flames and it will be your ass that gets burned if you ain't paying attention. I am doing everything I can to accomplish what I say to do. This isn't some Big me-Little you trip. This train is coming down the tracks and we gotta get off the rails or get squished.

Stay alive.


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