Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Ah. The smell of tear gas in the air, the massing of the police, the struggles to avoid arrest. It's the Republican Convention! Let the beatings begin! Hell, without the protesters it is merely a staged event, void of any human interaction and subsequent meaning. Nothing will get settled because there is no conflict. I can remember a convention when the Mississippi delegation was met by another Mississippi delegation and it had to get settled as to whom the convention was going to let sit down and vote. People watched the conventions back in the day because you never knew what the hell would come along and blow the roof off the whole thing. That was when conventions were the places where things got ironed out. No such luck these days. The little wimps and sissies can't stand the competition from opposing ideas. There is a piece of scripture that says the sound of the grinding of the Mill stone will be heard no more in her. Well, the grinding of the Mill stones is disputation. That is when the guys all sit down and get it out on the table and decide what they are going to do about anything. When you have a staged convention, done by Hollywood types, you have no more disputation. And thus you have lost the blessing of God. So let them have their phoney conventions and their staged maneuvers and their 'cut and dried' little travesty and we out here in the ghetttos and the barrios and the back woods will just go on living as we have been and hope to in the future.

Got enough beans shelled out to fill a one gallon zip-loc bag and got it into the freezer for it's appropriate de-bugging. Mighty satisfying to stick one of those babies into the freezer. We'll stick some Bay Leaves in the bag when the freezing is done and the beans are put up for storage. I am getting a nice sized bag of seed for next year also. The seed wizards on the Internet say to save the biggest fattest beans for seed that you find and that is essentially what I am doing. I also try to put seed back that comes from well supplied pods. 6 or 7 or 8 beans in a pod will get a good look from me!

The Handmaiden has been sun drying herbs for tea this Winter and Onion bits and tomato slices. Pretty nifty. She uses the tomato and onion as it is, but try to go buy a Winter stash of that stuff. You will be shelling out the dollars! Tomorrow she is going to put her drying trays in her car while the heat is high. Some spots she visit on the web have advised her to do that. And hey, the cost of the extra drying is free. And last night she put a small jar of Plantain Salve in our first-aid bag. It is good for insect bites. It's made with all naatural ingredients.

I will cut this off for now and go watch the new CD's of the second year of Deadwood. I really like that show. I never got to watch it on TV but I have seen it a bunch on CD. I hope you all have a nice evening and that you all stay alive. Thank God there is not much damage from Gustav.




scoutinlife said...

I agree it all smoke and mirrors the conventions. I chuckled to myself as I sitting here breaking beans as well reading your blog!

irishdutchuncle said...

i think even the protests are staged. keep up the good blogging and prepping.