Monday, September 29, 2008


I have been shelling beans all day and have not been on the computer paying attention to a damn thing. The Handmaiden has been to the garden rolling up her plastic mulch. We be busy finishing the food year from the garden. She came home and started stringing wristras with the last of the hot peppers. And then the phone rang and all hell broke loose! THE UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES VOTED DOWN THE BAIL-OUT BILL. Who would have ever thought it would happen? I did my part and called my congresscritter and told him to vote no. I can't find any roll call voting record of the measure. Sure would like to know how that scallywag voted.

And don't get your shorts in a bunch and think that this is the end of the matter. You will hear screams from the House tonight and tomorrow as arms are twisted out of their sockets. Deals will be cut. Pork will fly. The question is, "Will they hold or will they crumble?" I can't say and I would not bet any money on it one way or another. But Pelosi is going to be in a rage! I hope they carry her out on a stretcher!

We have a new cook stove coming. A big ol' Amish made stove from Canada. Costs a fortune but it has some very nice features, including hot water and a warming closet. It has the largest firebox of any stove that Lehmans sells. It should more than keep our water pipes from freezing this Winter. And people can cook on it for the price of a few sticks of wood! Glory to God! I won't have to cringe when the Handmaiden turns on the oven any more. Almost free cooking!

Getting back to the bail-out bill for minute I just want to say that the economy is going down the tubes no matter what the fedgov does. These boys with the fiat money machines are taking it down and there is no reason for you to feel any blame. They will talk about the mortgage "crisis" and all of that but it was coming anyhow. Ron Paul tried to tell everyone to run for cover but no one wanted to listen. They were too busy getting mortgage extensions to go charge shit with and just stood there like a bunch of drugged sheep while it went down around their ankles.

People are calling me and I say "Got preps?" They say they have SOME but are wanting to get more. I would say you have about a week to buy food before the price goes through the roof. Prices will fall tomorrow again, as margin calls are made at the market. The last time I looked the market was down 777 points. Guys will be selling everything they can get their hands on to make their margin calls. Cash will be KING.

The European Central Bank is locked up tighter than a well diggers ass in the Klondike. Europe is about to go down. And it's all funny money.

Stay alive.



It's me said...

Is this what you were looking for? Me too.

treesong said...

Good Day to you and yours!

Just love to read your posts; always a good mix of information, humor and food for thought.

Being a very poor couple living on a meager SS check we're sitting here being very thankful. NO debt, two years worth of food stocked; plenty of heirloom, open pollinated seeds; two years of firewood and a stack of cash, etc. to get us through if the SS check stops coming.

I won't matter one bit what the washington crew do or don't do: this house of cards will eventually fall. Still, it provides some entertainment! And, yes, there will be some so called "upswings" or "Bright spots" here and there and some sheep will tread along the path thinking all is right with the world. Sheesh!!!!!!!!!!