Tuesday, September 16, 2008


It's a nice chilly morning here in southern Indiana. My coffee is hot and my electricity is on and I am dressed warmly. Hey. What do you want? Breakfast is cooking and I will soon be stomachly satisfied.

I read James Rawles this morning at http://www.survivalblog.com/ and thoroughly enjoyed it. He was on top of his game and I appreciated it. He said he felt smug because he had told us so concerning the meltdown of yesterday's market. He also felt good because he was prepared and then asked the question, "Are you?" All in all it was a very good post. I'd give it a 9.5 out of a possible 10. Now if I could only figure out why it isn't a 10. Tight fisted with those 10's I reckon.

If you go over and read Mr. Rawles be sure to click on his REM link and listen to the music. Very good choice of entertainment. Almost profound.

I have an article from my friend on the East Coast coming soon, I have been told. He is a very astute businessman and I think you will like his observations. I have left his identity up to his discretion. The article has been promised as soon-to-be forthcoming. Knowing him, I would imagine you will find it enlightening.

The stock market blew up yesterday and there is not much to add to the news of it. I will use today to see whether or not it will survive. Another $500 drop and we can go ahead and sounds "Taps" over the body financial. But we could very well be going into a new era that Americans are in no way accustomed to going. Got preps? I do. And I have a lot of friends in the area who will be with me on the survival trip. I have pretty much concluded that Rawles has a group that will join with him should the SHTF. He is that intelligent.

I have an apple trip to do this week. Grumpyunk is bringing me over a bushel of free apples and I will meet him in town for coffee. Should be a pleasant morning. I am looking forward to it.

And after all of this I am thinking about taking some time off from blogging. I have posted my ass off this year and a little R &R would be nice. Besides, I have some potential business coming around and I might be busy. I really would like the change of pace to being involved in commerce again. I'll just write to people who write to me and not have the pressure of daily blogging.

You all have a nice morning and try to stay alive.




Mayberry said...

I thank you for your daily thoughts. Enjoy your break, and good luck with your business venture!

Levy Goddess said...

Are you crazy!!! Right now when America is taking the almighty flush and you have inside info????!!! At least give us little snipits of info, I swear every time I get hooked onto one of these blogs either they blow up and get mad (thats for you Mayberry) and step away for a while or go on vacation!!!

Just kidding, if you need a break I suppose we will let you have one, Mayberry, its up to you so keep your cool!!

Bird Flu Watcher

scoutinlife said...

Rest my friend when you need it! Look forward to your post each day an appreciate the work an inspiration from your blog..