Saturday, September 20, 2008


I have told you about the conspiracies and I have published a couple items to corroborate my stories. These are the kinds of people running the banks in this country. They are flat out, nothing but a bunch of crooks. And Dubya is going to give them damn near a TRILLION DOLLARS to bail them out! Let them bleed! Let the bastards pay everything they have and ever will have to make good on their evil. We are going to pay whether or not they get bailed out. The international monetary system is going to go berserk with all this inflation.

GET OUT OF MONEY. GET INTO TANGIBLES. BUY GOLD AND SILVER IF YOU WISH, BUT YOU CANNOT EAT GOLD AND SILVER. BULLETS, BEANS, BAND-AIDS, and BUDDIES are the rule of thumb to use as a measuring guide. If you have all of those plus non-hybrid seed then you will stand a chance. And I will be right there with you buying my goodies as fast as I can go.

Stay alive!



Phil said...

They give me a funny look at the store but I am beyond caring.

Mayberry said...

Damn Michael, if this don't wake the sheeple up, I dunno what will. It's a travesty of collossal proportions what's happening right now, and a prelude to a full blown depression. Dammit, it's a struggle every day not to just mail my house keys to the mortgage company right now..... I just might. Time is short, and I don't wanna be trapped....

Staying Alive said...

Bustednuckles! Hilarious post. You have given yourself away as an "I told you so" guy down at the local store! And you are corrct in being uncaring. I know I am the same way. You can only write so much and plead so much and then you gotta day to hell woth it. Or they take you down with them.