Sunday, September 21, 2008


Lots of stuff on the net about the coming bail-out of the banks. Most folks act like it is a foregone conclusion that Congress will pass this horrific bill and the rest will be history. Looks like Dubya's legacy is not going to be an attack on Iran but an attack on the economy of this nation.

I have been reading comments on different websites around the country and most people seem to be very skeptical of this move, this rescue of our 'system'. Comments I get in phone calls are very similar. Most people feel it is a rip-off of the poor to pay off the rich. They made a bunch of bad loans, maybe a couple trillion dollars worth, and now we are going to make it all better for them. Poor little lambs. Hmm. I could use some lamb chops right about now. So the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

One of my friends here at home said he emailed our congressman and told him to NOT vote for this bail-out bill. You know, a lot of people buy homes on a personal contract with the seller. It's done all the time. And if you default you give the house back to the seller and get your ass on down the road. But this can't work for the banks, I guess. They can't fix a house up and re-sell it. Probably too demeaning for a banker. They just shuffle papers. But these big buildings in New York City are full of people who run this kind of paper across their desk and finance houses. They never see the house they finance. It's just a number to them. An entry on the corporate books. There is no community, no sharing of the load, no involvement except to make an entry on a piece of paper. Sounds like a perfect way to mess something up entirely. When it gets out of hand they call the fedgov and they come in and bail it all out. And the banks don't lose a cent. But you and I will lose lots of money over it.

And I am so tired of this shit. It is a daily grind on my soul to see the next big move of our governmental masters. And they call it a Republic. My ass! It's a fascist state if I ever saw one and this Bush fella is the prime mover of it. He and his neo-con buddies have really done a number on us. When I as a kid I would never have believed it. It was beyond comprehension to think of America being in the shape she is in. And now they want more money to bail out foreign investment people who own blocks of mortgages. We are bailing out the world!

So be it. I will buy more preps tomorrow. I ain't giving up. My son asked me if I could stand it if things went back to normal and there was no hard times. I said, "Sure." No problem. I can always eat the preps! Nothing else will go bad anyhow. He is not a true believer in the up and coming national disaster like his Father. But he will get it sooner or later. And like I said, this is dress rehearsal. We get an idea of what we can do from this experience. We get a feel of the actions involved in trying to stay alive. And that is good. My close friends around the country are prepped and ready. Some may even be packed and ready to come to Indiana. You just never can tell, can you?

Stay alive.


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Dragon said...

Bush is just as much a tool as Clinton was. The real culprits are those super rich mover shaker types in the background. The ones that meet each year like a coven of vampire elders, discussing which of the sectors of humanity gets culled this year. When you realize that all of what we have witnessed is just an Uber rich mans parlor game of intrigue. Well, it makes me feel a might queasy. I wonder who gets culled next. It does seem that the Trinity of evil has at least won this round, and may win the next few rounds.
Trilateral commission,
the council on foreign relations.
Whats next in the bag of tricks? A pandemic perhaps? Will they pick on another Islamic state or will those easy targets not satisfy their hunger for blood and bloody power? I don't believe we will have to wait long for the next installment of their great game. Not long at all. Dragon