Tuesday, September 30, 2008


It's a chilly morning and the forecast says it is going to stay that way. We should be getting our Pioneer Maid wood cook stove ordered today. It will be coming through Lehman's. That will put a slam dunk on saving money on our electric bill. Free heat and free cooking. Absolutely wonderful. I told my son about it and he said he would be cooking every day on that stove. I kinda think he has the right idea. Now, if I can just get him to get the wood cut and stacked to keep it going I would be in tall cotton, doing you-know-what on the top leaves. I got a comment that really touched me. I'll share it.

Good Day to you and yours!

Just love to read your posts; always a good mix of information, humor and food for thought.

Being a very poor couple living on a meager SS check we're sitting here being very thankful. NO debt, two years worth of food stocked; plenty of heirloom, open pollinated seeds; two years of firewood and a stack of cash, etc. to get us through if the SS check stops coming.

I won't matter one bit what the washington crew do or don't do: this house of cards will eventually fall. Still, it provides some entertainment! And, yes, there will be some so called "upswings" or "Bright spots" here and there and some sheep will tread along the path thinking all is right with the world. Sheesh!!!!!!!!!!

This comment comes from treesong and the page is at http://www.blogger.com/profile/09364847483878018809, though you won't find much on it. I was impressed with the toughness of these older people. No matter what, they intend to go on with their lives and live it on out. Highly commendable. I wish the young of this nation had the same gumption and backbone that these folks do! And they seem to be happy! They seem to find contentment in being prepared and knowing they have some food to eat and some seeds to plant and a place to live out in the country that is PAID FOR. They live off of a Social Security check and still have some CASH in their stash. We can learn from these people if we can get them to talk to us. Smart, prepared, and happy. I'll take a dozen, please.

I will get off this post and start shelling beans and checking on the market every now and then. I am fascinated by the rip-offs getting their just deserts. They have taken in trillions of dollars in the last decade and they have lived the high life the rest of us have been denied. Now it is time to pay the Piper and I want to watch them dance to his tune. I sure do hope there is no backing down by the congress. I gotta pay for my mistakes and they ought to pay for theirs.

Stay alive!




treesong said...

Hi Michael,

I started blogging today - The View from Treesong's.

It will tell you a bit more about us. Thanks for the mention. How about a picture of you and the handmaidne cooking at that new stove. We're woodstove rich around here - one in the house, two under cover in the yard. One is a Sears Prosperity wood cookstove with pale green and cream enamel complete with warming oven and water tank. Take care, Treesong

Grumpyunk said...

I have admit I'm jealous. I missed one a few years back because I didn't have anyone to help me move it or a way to get it home. Did I mention I'm jealous?