Friday, September 26, 2008


I have three families here in the valley that are going to buy some extra food , some food to save up. I am happy about that. Me? I could spend a half million dollars and not do much at all. But I can put my habits down to the life I have lived and the man who taught me.

I need more seed! I need non-hybrid seed to give people food and work in hard times. I am maxed out for beans but man shall not live by beans alone. I need other things. Gotta get busy and dig up some more seed. I might have some corn down at the garden and not know it. I'll check. I have corn for grinding, and thus for eating, but I need SEED for next year. The Fascists don't need to come get you. Your hunger will drag you out. The food you have in your pantry is what will keep you out of the camps. And they may get so damn full up of workers that they start turning them away. Wouldn't that be a drag.

I have a place picked out for a Barterville. Water, building, already owned by us. But not on the road into where we live. It has interesting possibilities. Not a real nice occupation but it could damn sure make a living for a few folks. Takes a special breed of man to handle an operation like that.

I am thinking that as soon as the market collapses Bush will declare Martial Law. I do not know if he will postpone the election but I would suggest that the proclamation of Martial Law is already written and sitting on the shelf waiting to be read to the people. These Bush people are efficient. No mass bug-out will be allowed. Watch your step.

Stay on your own land as much as possible. Don't push any laws around. Be cool and respectful. We will have combat troops patrolling our roads and highways at the end of this month. Don't start anything. Just stay away from the troops. The beast will be unsettled and you must let it go back to sleep. Do not awaken it.

Some people are still having trouble facing this current fiasco. Be prepared to tell them about it but move on quickly if you see resentment in their eyes.

I am having trouble telling people how to cheaply and easily store beans and rice. You buy the stuff and you immediately re-bag it in 1 gallon Zip-Loc bags. Then you freeze these bags for two or three days and kill all the vermin that were in there. And they ARE in there. After their little stay in the freezer the vermin will be dead and you bring the bags out and leave them overnight on your kitchen table. This lets all condensation get off of the beans and rice. Then you put four or five good sized Bay Leaves in the bag and seal the Zip-loc. Then toss them into your galvanized garbage can and put on the lid. You will have a brand new, un-used garbage can for this purpose. No rat or mouse is going to gnaw through your garbage can and no critters will get into your bags because the Bay Leaves are repugnant to them. Open the can and check the bags at least once a week. You should be fine. Beats the hell out of all those gasketed five gallon plastic buckets that a mouse can gnaw through anyhow.

Stay alive.



Phil said...

People just flat out want to listen to ya, I swear!
I have a lady friend I have known for fifteen years who recently got remarried and they started a business.
I warned her for THREE WEEKS to get her money out of Washington Mutual, that it was going to go belly up.
I sent her copies of articles predicting it and everything.
Nope, didn't do it.
She is freaking lucky she will get her money back but I just can't believe how stubborn people are!

There are a couple more folks I care about that I am going to try and get to see the light but after that I am going to shut up and keep prepping.
Too many idjits out there.

riverwalker said...

Most people are just going to have a dazed look on their face as they get hauled away to the shelters and camps for "their own good"!


gott_cha said...

Got a friend who will send me links to news stories about shortages and the coming crisis yet will not lift a finger to stock anything himself........he's to busy drowning in a bottle of vodka everynite..

Says he will just come to my house.......i think not!