Sunday, September 7, 2008


Met a new, lady prepper today. You can meet her yourself at her bog site at She is ex-military and now works in the health care field. I believe she lives in Georgia. She is fairly opinionated and desires to gain some measure of control over her life no matter what the rest of society thinks to do. She can write and she can think. I read all of her blog posts today and enjoyed them very much. It is a very good thing to find a person who gives a damn about staying alive. Give her a read and a comment. It will help keep her involved. And we all need help staying involved from time to time. But Summer is almost gone and people will stop being couch potatoes and start reading the bogs again and commenting. August was dead as a door knob for readers and comments both.

I have been shelling beans while the Handmaiden cooks down her tomato sauce. She also processed a big bag of Lambs Quarters and stuck them in the freezer. I need to get busy and do the last 10 or 15 minutes of bean shelling and get this particular bag finished. I don't like to look at that unfinished mess of beans. Gotta get 'em done!

I see where it is official that the fedgov has taken over Fannie and Freddie. And they hung the stockholders out to dry. So what does that tell you, group? It tells you that the foreign investment in these two mortgage giants is not in stock. It has to be elsewhere in the corporate financing area. Because the fedgov is not going to take the Central Banks of China and Japan and the Middle East down like a bunch of Rubes off the street. Those people will be protected! They made a big issue of firing the bosses of each company but they ain't telling you how much severance pay each executive will collect. And it will be a handsome sum, believe me.

So the fedgov has become the owner of record of the nations homes. And this is a superb time to make a bunch of regulations dealing with the fedgov's right to INSPECT any home it has under mortgage. So the fedgov owns most of the nations homes and we, the poor dumb sheeple, get to pay the piper for the dance of the con artists. And who cares if we lose a lot of privacy and rights as far as being secure in our homes is concerned? Hell, America loves it's security. And it's shackles.

Hurricane Ike is going nuts down South of here. It is planned to go lengthwise on Cuba and then veer North to hit New Orleans. Christ on a crutch. If I ever make any noise about moving to the Gulf Coast please scream "NO!" in my face.

I was given a tip yesterday about another good blog for preppers. It was from a non-prepper but it is a good site. It has a good article about freezing tomatoes. Makes perfectly good sense.

I think that is all until tomorrow, unless something comes up. So stay alive.



daddynewton said...

hey michael is a good site for some hillbilly beans and tomatos. i grow some of these varieties in my garden that were grown by my families ancestors. i have also bought some seeds from them and was very satisfied.sure beats eating snow balls all winter.stay alive

riverwalker said...

Good post Michael and thanks for the links! Been busy at work lately and really haven't had much time to comment. The health crisis among my co-workers is at an all time high - I sure hope it isn't in the water!


Mayberry said...

Thanks for the links Michael, I'll check out her blog today.

tmo said...

fannie ceo gets 9 million

freddie ceo gets 13 million