Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Bailout, bailout, bailout. I am so sick of this bailout talk I could puke! It's just a rip-off of the taxpayers and we might as well get ready for it because the crooks in Congress are ready to feast and we are picking up the tab. A trillion dollars to make the big boys dreams all come true. We are so generous!

We would be ahead just paying the mortgages off for the first amount of people who owe a total of a trillion dollars and just handing them the deed. You talk about an economic stimulus. Man! All those 'about to be homeless' people are suddenly free of house payments. They can go spend, spend, spend! Consumerism would go rampant across the nation. Car sales would get a big boost as would electronics and clothing. Vacations would be popular again. All of a sudden credit cards would be a booming business as America scrambled to get back into debt. State governments would find their coffers filling at a rapid rate from all the spending and sales tax money. Extra people would be hired to handle the extra work. More income tax would be going to the fedgov. You talk about "Happy Days Are Here Again"!

But I can leave this fantasy and get back to prepping. I just got 3 boxes of powdered milk. I have never bought powdered milk before, but I have now. I have a method of making it I got from one of the Brothers here in the valley. He figured out how to make it taste like regular milk. You mix it up and let it sit over night in a fridge, stirring when convenient. 24 hours will make it taste like real milk. Just mixing it up and drinking it will not get the job done. The Handmaiden got some Paw Paws the other day and we now have Paw Paw bread. A Paw Paw is called an Indiana Banana and that is exactly what the bread tastes like: Banana Bread. She just finished a loaf of Irish Soda Bread and I have eaten some of it already. We just recently finished a loaf of no-knead bread from a recipe out of Backwoodsman Magazine. Pretty damn good bread.

I am thinking I will not buy extra blades for my bow saw. The extra blades are only a $1 cheaper than buying the whole saw at Chinamart. Why fool with it?

I bought 10 jars of Peanut Butter at Aldi's yesterday. Aldi's has good prices but there is nothing on the label of the merchandise that tells you the country of origin of the product. I don't like that. There are over 50,000 cases of people getting sick in China from bad milk. Got any food on your shelf that has milk from China in it? Don't bother to look cause the info ain't there. It got noised about the halls of Congress to do something about identifying country of origin a couple months ago but nothing ever came of it. But they damn sure do it in other countries. Not America, however. We play food roulette when we shop. Just do your damnedest to eat fresh and eat local and eat clean. If your salad had to travel 1500 miles to get to your table it ain't worth it, believe me. And don't buy Pork from Islamic nations. You ain't gonna catch a break from any of that trade at all.

I'll go for now. Stay alive and well and alert.



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scoutinlife said...

It amazing how one can change a outlook of events they happen. I remember not to long ago the big checks the high credit score an dual incomes.

Then serious health problem hits knocks you on your but financial problems start marriage crumbles job tanks income drops!

Folks advice learned the hard way live below your means count on one income stash the rest.

Dont get me wrong I had money in reserve couple years worth but I paid off some bills and most of my mortgage owe very little on my home. A small second mortgage when I built my garage and rear porch for materials only. So my home payment is 90.00 Bucks a month..

That bout broke me with the current job situtation my safety net spent. Do the best u can with what u got is all I can say.