Monday, September 22, 2008


It has been a day. I mean a real day. Went to town and bought some preppin's. Spinach, Sweet Potatoes, Sliced Carrots and Fruit Cocktail. Loved every minute of it. Also bought some Peanut Butter and 3 boxes of iodized salt. I am really up for this! The Handmaiden put it all up in the stash and it is looking good. The inventory is showing us short of coffee and we will work on that next month. But prepping is a never ending job. You never get there unless you have a gazillion dollars and a nutritionist to buy for you and the room to store it. But it's fun.

I got the word today on the sudden jump in oil prices. Brokers have been selling naked shorts again and this time in the oil market. Today was the day they had to either make up the shorts or go to Attica and dance with Bubba. So you either went into the market and paid what they asked and accept being violated metaphorically or go to Attica and experience the real thing. I would have bought the oil, yessir. So that is what you saw in reality. It had nothing to do with the new program that Bush is trying to institute. It was a move necessitated for avoiding prison time. Simple as that. Don't listen to the crap the media will tell you about this. Tomorrow should show you the price of oil dropping like a stone. Ho hum.

I typed a long post today for someone who wants to learn about gardening. Kind of a private lesson. It is amazing how long a post you can type without getting too deep in your subject. There is just a lot to learn. Maybe I ought to make a book and publish it on the internet. I am sure to get rich at it. Hah!

I have some free goodies coming for my medical kit. Best kind of goodies you can get! That medical kit needs to be fattened up for the days ahead. You never know who is going to get hurt and need attention.

The Handmaiden made some more Elderberry Syrup to day and gave a pint away to my neighbor. Lotta kids over there and they will need the juice. Handmaiden gave the woman the dosage protocols. Everybody is doing better.

I will close for now and relax a little. It has not been unpleasant today but it sure has been interesting! Keep prepping and stay alive.


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