Sunday, September 28, 2008


I said this was the Sunday Blues but really it isn't that for me at all. I am sitting here eating a crab and Tuna salad on a freshly baked scone from the Handmaiden. The Tuna is regular store-bought Tuna and the crabmeat is from Big Lots. The scones are from the Handmaiden's regular baking agenda. It makes a delicious meal. I heartily approve!

What makes the day a Blue Sunday is the news that we are getting close to being told about how we are going to pay for Wall Street. De Silva, the President of Brazil, called it unfair to the poor. No shit De Silva! What gave you your first clue? If I was not helping myself to a second helping of crab and Tuna on scones I would be apoplectic. And these people are doing this right out in the open, sort of. Because they are so diligent they are holding dusk 'til dawn meetings when there isn't anyone around to report the news. I saw a picture of Nancy Pelosi walking with her hands folded in prayer. So tender and devout. AND SO VOID OF ANY GOOD WISHES FOR THE WELL BEING OF THE PEOPLE. Remember, she has to run for re-election every two years and she does not want to lose. Markers are being signed for campaign contributions even as I type. I can't stand her. She makes me gag. Straight out of San Francisco. Queertown USA!

But the deals are getting cut and before you know it we will be in Deep Kimchi and up to our necks in debt. And the fedgov is going to own all those toxic mortgages. I wonder if they will sell the homes to a foreign investor who wishes to move a lot of people into this country? I mean, why invade if you can live here, right? And there will be more foreclosures and more bailouts and pretty soon the fedgov will not have to hunt for slave labor at all. They will be knocking on the door begging to get in! But the fedgov will probably be broke by then also so don't worry too much about being a worker slave. Be more concerned about being a free and starving citizen. The FEMA camps and the detention camps will fill quickly as America goes looking for someone to serve dinner. McDonald's will be out of the question. No one will have a job to make the money to pay for a hamburger anyhow. And paying will be a scarce transaction also. Since the money will be no good, what will you pay with? You will have to deal and barter and THINK for a change.

And I just got a phone call from and old friend here in the valley and we talked about herbs and teas and stuff because he is a very knowledgeable herbalist. I t9old hi some of my plan to create a Bartertown and I told him that his herbs could make him some extra living if necessary. I told him the classic definitions of Legal Tender and Money. Legal Tender is a form of currency that is backed by the fedgov and MUST be accepted in payment of debt. Money is any damn thing you and another person agree to in a deal. Period.

My old friend just called back and said his daughter was in town doing some shopping and the cops pulled her over and gave her a warning ticket for her car being too dirty. COPS! They make money off of other people's misery.

Good day, and stay alive.


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