Friday, September 12, 2008


It's a great Friday morning and it is raining and has been raining and looks like it damn well will continue to rain today. But I have plenty of beans to shell and that will make me happy to accomplish. Like I was posting to Dragon this morning, every full gallon bag of beans I put up is just one more help for me to keep from being starved out of my valley. I don't want to go to a FEMA camp and experience their tender mercies, thank you very much. I will be very happy to stay here in God's Valley and camp out as long as he tolerates me. When he spoke to my teacher many years ago he Said, "I will show you my Valley." And that means he has a claim on this real estate and we are here as his guests. It helps to keep this in mind.

I will have my normal breakfast this morning and it is because I learned where the breakers are for the stove last night. Always good to know all of your breakers. Especially in this area where 5 minute power outages are quite common. You get into the habit of saving your post as you write it so it won't get dumped from lack of juice.

I have some things going in the business arena right now and that it very nice. I ain't made any money for a long time. Don't intend to make any either. Gonna shovel it to the Handmaiden and let her pay the freaking taxes. Besides, I don't want to lower my Social Security check. I want every last red cent I can get off the fedgov. They are a bunch of bastards.

As I have pointed out before, we used to keep two years of basic food stocks for this country in storage all across the nation. IT WAS THE LAW! We had grain and butter and powdered milk and cheese and God knows what all. TWO YEARS WORTH! And now we have nothing. And I want all of you readers to remember this. We had this food and we were not about to starve. We paid our taxes and the taxes we paid bought all of this stuff. And we rotated our stock. We only kept our grains for a couple years and then we sold them for livestock feed. Our national critter feeding was a marvel. Fat, tasty hogs and cattle. And we used the grain sales to buy fresh grain every year. It didn't pay for the whole thing but it sure made it cheaper! And now that program is gone and we have gone 'global' with our food stocks. Kiss me where the Sun don't shine! Now we feed whoever has the money to buy our grains and other commodities. And our fedgov gives money to those who cannot afford the food out of their regular budgets. These people then turn around and buy our food with our money and we come up short of supplies. Ain't this a wonderful system? We give people money to buy our food right out from under us! Is this survival? Hell no it ain't!

And I can remember this program. We are not talking ancient history here. We are talking about things that happened just as I was getting married for the first time. But we were prosperous then and we had the oil and the manufacturing and the war machine and we had the food and we did what we damn well pleased within our borders. Now we do what the fedgov wants to do within our borders and we shut up and say little or nothing. But I will say something! I ain't forgetting nor forgiving what those bastards have done to us. They have left us in the lurch on the horse called globalism and he is a rough ride, let me tell you.

Gold is down to about $750 an ounce and Silver it down to about $10.50. My friend on the East Coast with whom I do business occasionally has informed me that things are going to hell this Fall and Winter and he has a new M-4 and a ton of ammo. He also has a .308 battle rifle with plenty of ammo. And upon questioning he confessed that , yes, he had a pump shot gun. I gave him some tips on what ammo to purchase. He lives in a city but he has just stocked up with 600 pounds of long grain rice. I immediately told him about complete protein and he said he had beans on the way. Good man. I reckon he will ship his stuff here and follow the truck when the SHTF. We will have fuel and the means to build him a house and that will be his safety. Water, fuel, guns and ammo, food, medical supplies and a good attitude. He will make it just fine. He is a survivor and he knows a survivor who is a little better off than he is in the survival aspect of life. Good combination for him, under the circumstances.

But he is all business and he says it is going down later this year. He is not an alarmist or a kook. He is a steadfast business man who is worth a lot of money. He is also a realist and does not like the picture he sees on the horizon. Be advised, dear readers. This guy lives closer to the monster than we do and he says it is going down this year. I have no doubt that he believes it.

Stay the course of prepping and stay alive. The system acts like all things are under control and that is bullshit. For your own health and freedom and well being I would say for you to cast a jaundiced eye toward any 'pro recovery' news. It is a pack of lies, in my humble opinion.


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Natog said...

I have to find me a source of silver in the area, all the coin shops I have checked are empty. I have $100 set aside for buying some silver, and 10oz might be enough to bribe my way past the roadblock.

Keep shelling those beans, I expect a photo of your garden next year btw!