Monday, September 8, 2008


I read where hurricane Ike is tearing up Cuba right now and then it's off into the Gulf. Being over Cuba has slowed it down and lessened it's fury somewhat. I hope the people of Cuba are in strong protection. They will need it. But I would reckon they are used to it and know what to do.

I started out selling lumber today. Hardwood lumber. It was about as eassy as falling down. I got into the business in 1971 and there are not too many mysteries left. I know a lot of the pit falls and obstacles and, with the help of God, I will avoid the bummers and grab on to the successes. Sure is strange to be back in harness. Ain't used to being responsible for production sales like I used to be. I reckon I will manage. The wife listened to me sell some stuff a few years ago and she said she had never heard anyone handle cold calls so well in her life. Ain't nothin' to it. It's just talkin'.

Forecasters are predicting Ike to go ashore West of New Orleans somewhere. That ought to make those poor put-upon people fairly happy but I can't say the same about the people where Ike DOES go ashore. The forecasters say that when Ike gets to feasting on that warm Gulf water it will gain a lot of power. If it gets to Category 4 or 5 and hits a bunch of refineries then church has let out for our economy. Iran is saying that OPEC should cut production but it ain't happening as yet. I think they would like to see it at $200 a barrel. Nice guys. Always trying to make friends and make people happy. But what ever happens, we will live because we have made arrangements to do so. Only God can call me home, not some ignorant politician or some oil rich Middle-Easterner. They are hereby warned.

I may actually meet a fellow blogger and reader. Grumpyunk doesn't live too far from me and wants to get together for a cup of coffee. He said he would buy and that really sweetens the deal for me! And he also wants to pay a visit to our local Army Surplus Store cause he ain't got one where he lives. You know how preppers are. They want to buy all this strange stuff like emergency supplies and what not. I know the people at the Surplus store real well and he will be treated just fine.

That is about all I have to say this morning. The other bloggers were good today except for Big Bear, who hsn't posted in so long I am afraid for him. I am actually afraid he has become disinterested. Oh well...

Stay alive.


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Grumpyunk said...

I want to go to the Surplus store in your neighborhood because that place always has what I'm looking for. That and I just like digging around in those places.

Looking forward to meeting ya face to face.