Friday, February 29, 2008


February 29, 2008
You Bet Your Glass!

Since it's my self-appointed mission to make you feel envious, deprived, covetous, and underprivileged, I am pleased to inform you of the following new optical equipment, which you should go into debt for immediately.

The Zeiss Victory 8x45 and 10x45 RF binoculars. At 35 ounces, and about the same size as a conventional glass, these will not only show you what you want to shoot, but give you the range and the amount of holdover required.

The Minox HG binocular line. There are five of them, optically at the very top of the heap, yet considerably less expensive than L*****, Z*****, or S*****. Nice, plain hardware that actually works.

Schmidt & Bender 2.5X-10X-40. S&B scopes are made by a small family-owned company that does things its own way, and are arguably the best in the world. This is their first 1-inch-tube model, with the reticle in the second sighting plane so it doesn't change size as you adjust the power.

Trijicon Accupoint 3X-9X. Accupoint reticles (a pointed post with a choice of orange or red points) are illuminated, but require no batteries. Now you can get this one in a crosshair version with mil dots (the center dot being the one that glows). I have an Accupoint on my beanfield rifle, and it is terrific in all respects.

Go now and spend like there is no tomorrow. Because there may not be.
This is a regular blog from a gun mag. It is for prepping people to buy consumer goods. That last sentence is a doozy!

Stay alive!

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