Friday, February 8, 2008


It's a pretty day here in southern Indiana. A nice bright Sun hangin in the sky. The ducks on the pond are enjoying the respite from the ice of Winter. We're down to 12 ducks now. Started a few years ago with almost 40. Time and survival of the fittest have reduced the numbers. They are pets and not livestock. One family actually feeds them corn in the Winter. Pretty nice, if you are a duck. I personally like duck breast and the Handmaiden can fix them so they melt in your mouth, but I let these ducks alone and don't go banging with my shotgun to deplete their population.

The water in the pond is pretty clean. There is a good sized spring that feeds it plus the run-off from the surrounding hills. I am sure there is dioxin leeching out of fields on higher ground that is making its way to the pond but I think it is minimal. It would come with the herbicides that farmers use to keep their crops clean. It doen't have that big of an effect on the weeds that grow in the pond, however. Those damn weeds make it, Buddy.

The pond has Largemouth Bass, Bluegills, Crappie, and the all time favorite Channel Catfish. We grow these Channels in clean water and they taste so very good. And they hit bait like a hungry bass. We used to go to Kentucky Lake and grab Spoonbill Cats, which are really Paddlefish but don't tell the natives. The Spoonbill taste so awful anymore I won't eat them. Grabbing is an old fashioned way to fish. You use big treble hooks and a lot of weight to really throw them way out there. You let the hook sink for a few seconds and then you start "grabbing" which is really just hauling in about 20 or 30 feet of line as fast as you can go. Then you keep repeating this grabbing routine until your hook comes out of the water. The grabbing motion is made sort of like a jerk. Your rod is out in front of you and you whirl it over your shoulder as fast as you can go, reeling in like a mad man. When your reeling has taken up all the slack you created when you made the jerking motion, you have returned to the original position of your rod pointing out straight at the water. Repeat as necessary to satisfy your inner needs.

Our fish out of our pond are worth eating. They don't have that Ohio River taste to them. They taste like real food and not the offal of Dow Chemical. Having this kind of fishing was a priority to us and we built this pond. No one wanted to go fishing in the sewer of America. For many years we had no catch and release here at home. We ate the fish. That pond is there and I know where I will get water when the power goes out. It isn't too drinkable but it will sure as hell wash clothes and flush toilets. We have access to other water that is potable. The pond filled up to the brim this week . We had an enormous amount of rainfall. My old friend Fred mesured three and a half inches in two days. It's dropped a couple feet in the last two days. That would be 2 acre feet over an area of 3 or 4 acres. Lots of water.

My computer firewall is telling me that my H-P printer is trying to launch program files to the internet. It's a little spy program put in all these printers that semds data about our computer usage to H-P corporate and from there who knows where the hell it goes. Probably to Homeland Insecurity. That Chertoff guy is really something else. What really happened says he has dual American-Israeli citizenship. It says his mother helped start the Mossad. Hell, I'll believe it.

One of my buddies was sending me a bunch of articles trying to prove that England was behind our money system and the Federal Reserve and all that stuff. But when it got to the part about the Creature From Jekyl Island it plainly stated that the stock for the Federal Reserve was bought up by Jewish Invest ment Banks on Wall Street. I ain't never thought too much against the Jews cause my first wife was a Jew. I am not prejudiced against Jews. But I could get there if the rascals keep monkeying with our country.

Who will be next on the enemy list. The Mexicans are flooding across our borders. The Israelis are contoling our politial system and our money. What else is there to gain from poor old America? We can still get farms crops but our manufacturing is gone. The Chinese are all doing it. Sell out businesses have long ago shipped our producing power overseas. Ain't it fun to watch your country drug throught the mud? It could not have happened when I was a child, but it can happen today. A buddy of mine went to a big banquet with the American Legion hosting a big speech and all of that. After the speech the guys settled in for some serious drinking as is usually the case. My buddy used that time to circulate amongst the crowd and asked them a few questions. He went to one table of Vets and ask them, in the time period of the late 70's to the early 80's, just how in the hell all this stuff could have befallen us? He reminded them that it had come about on their watch. All they could tell him was that they had won the war in Europe and Asia and they didn't think it could happen to them.

Well guys. it's happening now. We are a stone's throw away from WW III. Our military is all over the globe fighting stupid wars. Our financial structure is all on credit from China and Japan. The gangs in the big cities are arming like crazy. Most of our politicians are just people who want a bigger cut of the pie and have no regard for us woebegotten citizens. Reason and logic have fled from our shores. There are a few survivalists who might resist if we got invaded but who knows how effective that would be? Edgar Steele over on says," New America! An idea whose time has come." And you know what? He may be damn well right.

Keep your powder dry and stay alive.


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