Monday, February 11, 2008


Hey. I got on line and did my usual perusing of the survival blogs and there was quite a cache of food prep tips. Jim Rawles, of, put up an article on old fashioned long term egg preservation that was absolutely dynamite. It's in his Odds 'n Sods section. We can do this! Eggs all year round, preserved and fresh tasting for months, maybe up to two years. I have to get on with this experiment. It is not going to be too expensive to try. That is the beauty of the right now, our time in history. We still have time to experiment. We still have some time to try out these various recipes. Theory today, fact tomorrow. Love it.

Joe, over on, had an excellent story on how he tested a set up on wheat and five years later found it to be as good as new. He gives meticulous directions on how he preserved the Wheat. Now, if I can just get Mr. Dakim over on Bison Survival to put up his located grain hand grinder so I can order it, I could be in business.

Food preservation and storage is so darned important. I can speak of ristras made of Cayenne peppers ripe from the garden. It's easy. You just run a thread of good stout string run through the little tip of the vine you leave on the pepper. When it gets to be a couple of feet long you tie it off and hang the string from some convenient place where the critters can't get to it. Use as desired. When they get real dry you can take your little hand grinder and make powder out of them. I think some people use a wire instead of a string.

I exchanged emails with Rob over on yesterday and found he is not advocating people staying in town when TSHTF. He just finds himself in a not-so-happy situation and can't get out of it right now and he thinks others might be in the same boat so he is going to try to help. And for the love of God, we sure do need help. His grandparents have an old farm in the great Peoples Republic of Illinois which he doesn't want to move to for obvious reasons. But he knows what needs to be done and he is working that out as best he can. Good luck, Rob, and hang in there.

I will put this post up on the blog and get busy composing another one. My old computer is having fits this morning. Too damn cold!

Stay warm and stay alive!


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