Friday, February 8, 2008


I linked to the Suburban Bushwhacker this morning. He put up a bunch of new posts and I love to read survival blogs. Other bloggers are my friends. I feed off of them. They make me know that I am not alone. If they are around ME when the SHTF they can know they will have someone getting their back. I'm too old to run out on folks. Too old to run much at all, actually. But I have a 4WD Ford F-150 to run for me. It's a little low on gas right now but I should be able to fix that in a couple of weeks. I don't go many places and thus I really don't need much gas. And I kinda hate to make money for Exxon Mobile anyhow. They got enough as it is. Back in the 60's we talked about people who made money off of other peoples misery, like bail bond men. The oil companies are making money off of OUR misery these days. So I don't drive much. I sit at home and keep up on things as best I can. I also keep shotguns handy around the house. Killed a Beaver at 50 yards last week with some 00 Buck. Loved it.

Lots of articles about guns these days. What ever for? Is anyone getting a lttle antsy out there? Is anyone getting a little anxious? I know that earlier in the week I was getting VERY ANXIOUS. I felt like I was going to jump out of my skin. Too many dominos were lining up for war to my way of thinking. But I got a little nudge from the other side of creation and it assured me that everything was under control. I appreciated that little bit of reassurance.

For my on-going theological discussion I would like to state that we humans are about to leave a life system best described as "The Lamb" and go into a system that could be called "The Lion Of the Tribe of Judah". We will be leaving a life of loose control by God to a life of stern commands from our Father. Much like things were in the Old Testament. The orders of march wil be issued to humanity and those countries that ignore them will get slapped with the Celestial Flyswatter. And I know these kind of statements will get me branded as a religious nut, but what can I say? I know a lot more of the plan of the future than you do so I am sharing it with you. And I don't get any questions about any of this so it must be being swallowed hook, line, and sinker.

But on the subject of guns, I have a sort of a promise from my resident gun expert Mike Kemp that he will probably write a couple of articles for us pretty soon. One will be about reloading for accuracy and the other will probably be about guns themselves. We await the pleasure of Mr. Kemp. His favorite crowd pleasing trick is to take a penny to the shooting range and put it up on a target board and get back 100 meters and shoot the penny right through the center. He calls it assasinating Lincoln. He has a little trouble with how Lincoln handled the constitution during the War of Northern Agression. I do too.

But my favorite weapon is an 870 Remington shotgun. Works like a charm. I have never had the opportunity to check it out, but I read where the sound of the slide being racked on a shotgun is a horrendous bummer for would be idiots who think they might raid your domicile. They pretty much want to avoid any confrontation with what made that sound. Can't say as I blame them. I damn sure would not want to come up against such a device in the hands of an irate antagonist. I am a survivalist and that is not a good sound way of ensuring survival. But God help the idiot who comes seeking to do mischief to me in the dark of the night. I will light up his life. And my shotgn can use all sorts of various loads. Anything from little fine birdshot to monster buck shot. I even have one shotgun that is soley for shooting slugs. It killed that 10 point buck my son got a couple years ago. One shot, one kill. Slugs are nasty. I was emailing with a friend and told him I heard that a shotgun round would not penetrate a bulletproof vest, not even with a slug. He allowed as that might very well be true but it would at least push the slug 4" into the body before the vest stopped it. That made me feel better.

My next favorite gun is my Ruger 10-22 that was part of the Handmaidens dowry. I didn't go cheap, guys. Got the rifle and the scope. I've got a few multi-thousand rounds for it too. Need some more 30 round clips but I have a couple already, taped so's I can switch them conveniently and a couple 10 rounders. I'll get more when I get rich. That may be hard to do in the future but I am a stubborn cuss and will wait my chance. But that 10-22 will kill most anything around, including Whitetail deer. It will dispose of wild dogs, beaver, muskrats, whistle pigs (ground hogs to the uninitiated), and anything fooling around in the garden. It will also kill a human being. What can I say?

I have a Ruger Mini-30 that can light up your day also. I have plenty of clips for it but not much ammo. If anyone wants to donate a few thousand round of 7.62 by 39 I will be glad to take it. Just don't go offering to supply ME if you don't have your own needs taken care of. Take care of yourself and I will do the same where I live.

My big gun is my Ruger M-77 in .308. Thirty years old. Runs like a new one. Sitting in my gun cabinet all clean and ready to go. Another one of those guns you don't want to get in front of. I am afraid that bullet proof vests will not hamper it. If that ain't enough gun I will buy one of those single shot New England Firearms (or whatever name they are going by these days) in .375 and we'll see who can stop THAT! Ain't technology great.

I keep the Old Man's Ruger Blackhawk in .44 Magnum around for the hell of it. It's got a 9 & 1/2" barrel on it and is fairly accurate. Makes a lot of noise though. I think I would like to have a snub-nosed .357 by a reputable gun maker. A nice little wheel gun. And you can practice with .38 Special which is a lot cheaper than .357 and a lot less noise. Funny thing. I don't notice noise from a gun when I am under any kind of pressure to make a shot with it. But just out fooling around they sound like cannon.

I have a couple knives I am partial to. One is a Buck knife I bought for myself a couple, three years ago when I had some money burning a hole in my pocket. I think it was called the Ultimate or something like that. I keep it in the truck and it's there if it's needed. One of the sharpest knives I have ever owned. Amazingly sharp. It's a drop-point skinner, which I am partial to. I designed a drop point skinner about 10 years ago. Wonderful design if I do say so myself, and I do. The actual work of forming the thing was left to my friend. And I can't get him to part with the knife! Hah! But it is a wonder when it comes to skinning deer. You can hang a deer and get him undressed so fast that it makes your head spin. The boys got into a huge bloodlust about 10 years ago and my good friend skinned 4 deer in 22 and 1/2 minutes. We ate good for a few days. Ground a lot of the meat into burger and made some enormous homemade Taco dinners. Mighty fine.

Somebody out there in Blogland has a source for a hand grinder that will do grain. And it is very reasonably priced. I would like to get my hands on that source, figuratively speaking. My Handmaiden says she has a handgrinder for meat that will grind into burger but I don't believe her. I would like to get one of those contraptions too. We have grinders around that will do most any job you wish but they require electricity and I don't trust it to be around when we sorely need it.

I must go now. Stay in survival mode and stay alive.


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