Thursday, February 14, 2008


I've been reading a lot of survival stuff today and I am feeling assured of the TEOTWAWKI coming to visit us. We have too many people on this planet. It should be OBVIOUS that we have too many people on this planet. And the religious zealots are against abortion. Hah! To think we could think so small and so narrowly.

I think of all the people in this country of ours that don't really work anymore. There are no jobs so why should they work. The various governments will give them enough money to keep them from rioting and burning the cities. I watched a video on YouTube the other day and there was all these inner city gangsters showing off their firearms and shooting like crazy. Some of them could only have been 13 or 14 . And they weren't shooting cheap guns either. They were shooting modern semi-automatic pistols and AK-47's with lots of big magazines. One ol' boy sang a song with the line going "you fool around , you go in the ground." Pretty much down home style. Tellin' it like it is. They want power and they are getting power and it is time for human history to go on without them. It's like there is a big debt to pay in the course of human affairs and the note is being called due. It's happened so many times in history it is pathetic.

We can only support so many suckers and then they have to go or the rest of us will go down the tubes with them. The Great Cosmic Hand will grasp the Great Cosmic Toilet Handle and the system will get flushed. And it needs to get flushed. It's corrupt and degenerate. It does not take a rocket scientist to see that we are living in some kind of fantasy world, devoid of reality.

I read predictions today that said that when TEOTWAWKI comes the city boys will come boiling out of their enclaves and head for the countryside to find food and shelter. And it was further predicted that at the first small town they attempted to enter they would be turned back by concerned local citizenry. With guns. Barricaded and armed, waiting with guns at the ready. And the mobs from the city would be turned aside, to go deep into areas with no towns or communities to oppose them. And that is where they will run into us. We had better be ready to blow them up when they come. They will be like a huge infestation of two legged locusts. They will strip you bare and kill you and then move on to the next victim. And why not? The poor dumb pukes don't know anything else! The Law of the Jungle is their rule, their controling element. Any small towns they can enter will be turned into slime pits in short order.

These people can't garden, they can't build, they can't take care of animals, and they can't get up in the morning. They are into drugs and sex and violence. They are into The Hood and their gang and that is about it. And our permissive society has allowed that to be deemed enough. What a joke! And the Left and the Right both court these people with great ardor for their votes on election day. We have our war on drugs that keeps the price of drugs high. The city boys can make good money while they are out of prison. And in prison they have their class reunions. It's a revolving door for them. And we foot the bill. Legalizing drugs would put these people on the edge of starvation. Their whole economic force would leave them. Their potential would be gone.

Can you imagine what things would be like if drugs were legal? The current distribution system would be abolished immediately. Every convenience store and bodega in America would have cocaine and marajuana in little bags for sale, and at a cheap price. The dealers on the street would be out of business in a week or less. Drug prices would fall like a lead balloon. The agony of the criminal element would be stifling. How are they going to afford their $200 sneakers and their $100 jeans and their $70 shirts? Panic would reign on the streets!

In an attack on this nation with an enemy using nuclear weapons, unless you had an attack of saturation bombing, about 15 or 2o miles from ground zero would be where humans could get out of their holes and come forth to meet the new day. And this is where they would be staging their departure from the city and heading out to where the producers live. They will have much distance to travel. A lot of cities don't have much in close to them that is sustainable of thousands of people. So they have to get a few hundred miles away. Are they going to have fuel for thier vehicles? They will if they steal it from folks who are stranded or blocked. But if EMP kills all the cars and trucks, then they will have to hoof it and that is not going to make them happy at all. They will rob and pillage and whatever ever else falls in their path as they work their way into the countryside. They will be especially interested in the various pharmacies along the route. That and food stores. They will loot every home they come to along the way. No stone will be left unturned in their quest for gangster survival. And I am not saying they are stupid or out of touch, I am merely saying that when they find something they want or need it will be hell for whoever has it.

But a lot of them will probably die in their migration out of the cities. Sickness, resistance, exposure, etc. These people will not be prepared and they will suffer for it in the most awful manner. I will hazard a guess and say that if 10,000 of them leave a city in one day, 50 to 100 might make it to the countryside. It is not easy being a stupid city slicker. I thank God I live in the countryside and not in a town.

And those poor unfortunates who initially turned the city mobs away afrom their homes are really going to be looking at some bad times. They can't go to the city becaue it glows in the dark and they would face certain death. They can't follow the city mob because there won't be anything left to use for survival where mob has been. Ouch! Double ouch!

When the city boys get to you folks who have heeded the warning and got your refuge together, there won't be too many of them left. But they will be the dangerous ones. They will have learned the the tricks of the trade very well by the time they come to visit you. They will know how to get inside your camp with decoys, a pretty young woman with a child or two. They wil have learned some squad tactics, especially if they have any men among them with prior service in the armed forces. They wil be the most dangerous. Be very wary of who you accept in your camp, my friends. Don't worry, they will not have read this. They are too concerned with more pressing business at the moment to bother with such trivial matters.

Stay ready and stay alive.


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