Tuesday, February 12, 2008


It's a lot warmer out this moring. 28 degrees according to my machine. And the wind is calm. I think we will have a more survival friendly day.

I am starting to get emails from folks in the Mid West who are preppers and like it that someone is writing who is closer to home. We all go in and out of the freezer together and you know that misery loves company. But we are survivers and getting through the cold is part of it.

I am seeing things in two categories these days. One thing is what God will allow man to have input on and the other is things he doesn't intend to change his mind about.

I'm thinking about a buddy of mine who was having circulation problems from his diabetes. He lived in Alabama and was pretty much penniless. He went to the hospital in his town and the doctors examined him and one of them took a magic marker and wrote BK on the leg that was most affected by the poor circulation. That meant that he was to have his leg amputated Below the Knee. I heard about it and was furious. How could someone be so callous as to just write off a persons lower leg as if it were nothing? He was at home awaiting the time of the procedure. I went into my kitchen that night and pulled a chair into a corner, blocking out most visual disturbance. And I went before the Throne and I asked God to save the man's leg and to work a miracle so that all would know his mighty arm had been raised to help a poor man. I wanted no doubt in anyone's mind tha God had worked a miracle. I ended my prayer and that was that.

The next day his girl friend in Tennessee came to Alabama and picked him up, though he was babbling and almost incoherent. She took him to some people she knew who handled Medical care for poor folks. They got him on some program and into the hospital he went and he was started receiving hyperbaric oxygen treatment almost immediately. To make a long story short, he is walking and exercising on that leg right today. He tapped out financially and I brought him up to stay with me for a year and a half. We got him a pension and we got his cataracts corrected and we had him on his feet and recovering, becoming the intelligent man he always has been.

This is what I call one of the categories that God will allow man to have some input upon it.

Then there is the woman who took my friend to Tennessee to have his leg saved. Last Sunday night her absolutely beautiful 17 year old daughter was killed in a car wreck. And while she was very pleasant to the eye her main strong point was her brain. She was still a Senior in high school but she had already been given a scholarship to Cornell University to study Astrophyics. She had a very good mind and was sharp as a tack. The sky ws the limit for this young person. And then the word came that she had died. What a blow to those who knew her! I knew her and she had always been polite and respectful to me. Sang me a song one time. Just a really active and fun loving young lady who could have gone on and become anything she wished. I mourn her passage.

But this is one of those instances where God did not allow man to have any input on the results. It was over and done and there was nothing I or anyone else could do about it. You just have to bear it and go on with your life.

Another mystery for God's kids to figure out. Hope we get there!

I have to go for a while. Stay alive!


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Someone's mother said...

One thing all the My Space kids learn is that when you spout your mouth off online you get some back...
Just want the readers to know a little experience I had a few months back. about survival... the nerves in my feet are dying... well trying to anyway... but I still have mountains to climb so I am pushing on... but when they xrayed my back they found this "trama" ..funny the memories of being kicked down the hill 5 months pregnant because I wouldn't babysit for a woman so you and the MEN could all make fun of her being jealous of a visiting woman chasing her man... yeah that was trama....I taught my girls better... that will never happen to them... and that was the blessing God gave me.. I survived to make sure the cycel did not repeat! Hare Krishna old man!