Friday, February 22, 2008


It's been a few days since I posted to the blog. I am thinking about quitting it entirely. Doesn't seem to be much point in it because most folks that will do anything toward saving their own ass are already into the drill.

Gary North had a very good article on Lew Rockwell this morning. It's at and I recommend it. He ends up saying that the media knew that hard times were coming to this land but that their advertising dollars came from consumer driven businesses. Financial bad times cause people to want to save money so they have a chnace to keep their routines together when things get bad. Since the economy is basically consumer driven, the businesses that buy the advertising don't want people saving, they want people spending. So our friends in the mainstream media sold us out once again and would not report the news they knew would trigger people to save. Ain't it wonderful?

I got another post from my lady friend in Alabama. She's almost 70 and she lives alone and just the way she wants. Her words of wisdom this morning are:

here is a "did you know"..........
if you get a boil or 'risin' ........slap a piece of raw
bacon on it, keep it there for a minimum of 24 hours,
then if necessary put a hot wet towel on it and it will burst

I cannot vouch for this remedy but the lady is very sincere in what she says. Your mileage may vary.

I still don't know what the day or hour of the big blowout is. I just know it is coming. A lady I have known for 40 years got in the spirit he other night and said,"I will pick my people from among the tribes and I will bring them to the scared place and they will listen." I get asked what utterances like this mean and all I can say is that it is preparation. There will be much to do and God will have people ready when the time comes. I have no more on the subject. But pay attention to what is going on! Don't lose track or fall into disinterest. Stay on the subject!

I'll close by saying that the 99% of the population that pays no mind to the situation will suffer greatly for their omissions.

Stay alive.



I have not forgotten to get the phone number of the place that has the land for sale. We have a lot of ice and crap on our roads right now and I think I will just let it go away before I get out in the hinterlands. Here in Indiana we have Divine Snow Removal. That simply means that God brought it here and God can take it away. Sorry about that but we have lived with it for over a century and a half and there seems to be very little the state wishes to change.


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Unknown said...

Michael, no problem about the phone number. We don't have any ice and snow here on the Canadian border, just a lot of other reasons to want to get out of town.