Monday, February 4, 2008


I want to get on a rant about the cutting of the Internet cables in Asia and mostly the Middle East.

This coming February 12, 2008 is the latest scheduled date of opening of the new Iranian Oil Bourse. I think it wil be located on an island in the Persian Gulf. If you have been paying attention and reading Michael Rivero and not looking at CNN or FOX NEWS you will know that Iran is presently isolated from the rest of the world as far as Internet access goes. They are down. Without question someone has been cutting those undersea cables. Someone with an agenda has frightened someone very powerful. Let's guess who that would be, shall we?

How about the United States? All the Iranian Oil Bourse would have to do is deny the dollar as legal tender on their market and the SHTF. And I mean it will really hit it hard. The stench will cover the globe. The dollar is the reseve currency of the world, for the most part. But the dollar is backed by the Full Faith and Credit of the United States government. And if the dollar devalues because the Iranian Oil Bourse won't accept it as legal tender then the value of the dollar will sink like a stone. Like a very BIG stone. I would hate to hazard a guess as to how low the dollar could go, but it will go pretty far. All your savings and IRA's and stocks will become meaningless drivel. The value of your home will be negligable. Your property won't even bring a good price. You will witness the greatest national devaluation since the Great Depression of the 30's. And the money won't be worth a tinkers dam. No one will want it. It won't be worth anything.

I personally don't think this event in Iran will transpire. I don't think the US fedgov can allow it! It might be the end of us as a world power. And that would bum everyone in the USA out like crazy. So look for a war or an attack or SOMETHING to happen to Iran. But the threat is there and it is real. All those countries that stock up on dollars to pay for their oil are going to be out to lunch if the dollar falls. The markets would be in dire confusion. All the borrowing our government does to keep our war machine going would dry up. Who wants to loan money to a pauper? Talk about ending the war in Iraq! The troops would have a hard time getting home!

And maybe our government needs a jolt like this. Maybe we need cut back to a simpler life. But you have to remember the MONEY. It won't be any good anymore.

So, my advice is to get as far away from money as you possibly can. If you have a job and you are still being paid and it will buy you SOMETHING then have at it. My wife and I will. But any money you spend should go to tangible commodities. Naturally guns and ammo. But what will you eat? May I suggest you buy organic non-hybrid seed for a garden? Fresh vegetables sure do taste good and they sure are good for you. And you might get some paraphenalia to can the stuff. A cooker, a bunch of jars, lots of lids and seals. Spices and canning salt would be nice also. If you buy things like this you won't worry about what the store is charging. You will be set up in fine style. You will be surviving. And that is what it's all about, isn't it? Trying to stay alive and in some form of secure structure. Trying to eat rather than starve.

Some advice for food. Turnips can be made into saurkraut. If you have trouble growing Cabbage, use Turnips as a substitute. I've done it and it's good. Cook the saurkraut Turnips with some cheap ass weiners and you are on your way to eating a fairly good meal. It just takes a little elbow grease and some initiative. And if you don't know how to do this stuff, go talk to someone who does! These old heads sitting around doing nothing and being neglected will be glad to tell you the secrets. My friend Charli down in Alabama can damn sure tell you how things are done. And my wife has been involved in food prep and canning for some time. And we have other ladies right here in our very own village who know these things to do. I remember old Leacy, 90+ years old, coming up to the kitchen with her paring knife when it was time to do beans or tomatoes. She would get in there with the other hens and get to cackling and preparing produce for canning. And let me tell you, they could turn out the product. They knew what they were doing. Wonderful.

So that is about it for right now. If I get any comments or questions I will go further.

Stay fed and stay alive.


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