Monday, February 4, 2008

Surviving The Morning After The Superbowl

It's the morning after the Superbowl and all things are slowly getting back to normal. I have tried to figure the odds that two brothers would quarterback winning teams in the Superbowl in consecutive years and I can't. Computing that is beyond my pay grade. But it happened and it is in the record book and that is that. My congratulatons to Archie Manning. My son back in Delaware went to a joint with a buddy after he got done studying and said the crowd was very pro-Patriot. Only he and one drunk old man were rooting for the Giants. I reckon they topped the crowd at the end. But it was defense that won that game. The pressure was constantly on Brady. Relentless pressure.

And relentless pressure on defense can save OUR butts in a TEOTWAWKI situation. Defend what you have! If you have gotten out of the cities like I have tried to stress to you, then your job will be so much easier. I don't presume to tell you what to do. That is between you and your God. But I am taking the path of playing the best odds and that is for you to get out of the cities.

A good defense is a lot simpler if you have a GROUP defense. A single guy under attack can get wiped out pretty easy. Think about it. Especially if you are the whole package for your wife, and maybe children. Would they not be safer if you were a crowd instead of an individual?

I suppose I get a little tiresome on this subject. I am not a yuppie survivalist and do not write about esoteric gadgetry and what not. I am a keep-it-simple-stupid kind of guy. The less you have to worry about the less things there are to break. Murphy's Law works all the time. You get your guns and ammo, your food and medicine, your clothing, your water and then you go forth to preserve and defend. Or you wait in ambush to defend. Sniping and ambushing are the way to go. Be able to hold out against a seige. Someone may come against you with an attack of several days. Don't let it work. Attack as best you can every day of the aggression. Never let up. Relentless is the key word here. Things work against the attacker. Things like dwindling food supplies and casualties. Things like a shortage of ammo and first aid. Things like not being nearly as familiar with the local terrain as you. I would expect that attacking freebooters would not be able to sustain an attack of much duration. Always keep them under fire. Don't let them get any water if you can keep from it. Don't let them hunt or forage. Keep them in doubt and as much agony as possible.

My friend the country woman from down in Alabama has sent some more little tidbits on herbs and their usage. She has two more posts to present to you.

you can use my name if you want to........I don't mind........
here are some trees that have value..........

White Willow - pain relief & fever, heart attack & stroke, reduces migraines

Juniper - strong diuretic, reduces water retention, relieves arthritis swelling,relieves gout,
also Juniper berries make Gin, DO NOT PICK JUNIPER BERRIES OFF THE
To make Juniper tea use 1 tsp. of bruised berries per cup of boiling water, steep for
10 - 20 min. drink up to 2 cups a day.

Black Haw - soothes head pain, reduces fever. In the 1800's women with menstrual pain
couldn't reach for Midol, instead they drank tea made from Black Haw bark. It also
contains salicin, a pain reliever that functions much like aspirin. To make a tea from
Black Haw bark, use 1 oz. of bark per pint of freshly boiled distilled water. Steep for
10 -15 min. and strain. Drink a cup 2-3 times a day. In the northern states black haw
is a deciduous spreading shrub with reddish-brown bark. In the south it's a small tree.
It grows best in rich, moist, well-drained soil under full sun but will tolerate poorer soil
and partial shade as long as it gets enough moisture. To collect it's bark for medicinal
purposes, harvest branch bark in summer or trunk bark in fall. Dry the bark in the shade
before using.

There are more recipes for teas, etc.........I got to get out of this room for now, it's only 50 dg.
in here and my hands are freezing!
more later........
I was just catching up with your reminded me of
something...........Do you know the reason that margarine was
invented? I am serious now........... It was invented as a cheep
additive to make turkeys fatter , faster.......... the only problem
they had was.......the darn turkeys would not eat it. they started
putting it up in blocks, 1 lb. each....added a little packet of yellow/
orange dye that you could mix in with it and you had this marvelous
new stuff they called margarine. As time wore on they started coloring
it right in the factory, then they started sectioning it into 4ths. now
in addition to those 'improvements' they whip air into it and declare it
to be 'spreadable'! Is not technologies wonderful!!!
Happy Eating she said with her tongue in her cheek.......

Charli is an old trooper in the survival game. She is almost 70 and still gets around though she is supposed to be in a wheelchair. You can't keep a good woman down! She is a great fan of the news and the constitution. I appreciate her comments and I hope you do also. Maybe she can keep some of us alive in the future.

And that is the name of the game. Stay alive.


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