Sunday, February 10, 2008


I've been over to and found a declaration that we are, in fact, in a recession. I'm glad someone decided to print the obvious.

The economic situation is this country is pathetic. We were once the envy of the world. Our products were desired by all and sundry all over the world. An American item was looked upon as an object of value. Now we have become a banking and service nation. And both of those areas are in trouble.

But let us not cry over spilled milk. A lot of us have seen this coming for a long time and it should not be a surprise. The economy is just reaping it's comeupance. For as a bunch of jerks sow, so shall they reap. I guess the boys who sold us out thought the downfall would never catch up to them. Well join the hungry mob, guys.

It will be hard to prepare for the real bad days ahead because the cost will be so prohibitive. Your wages and savings will dwindle to nothing and the price of goods will go up like crazy. Not good field position. Hang in there and fight the good fight. The final call has not been sounded as yet. But I feel the BIG message is not too far away.

Get out of town. Get away from the cities and towns. Isolate yourself. Gather a few friends for comfort and security. Plant gardens and raise animals. Even a few animals. Just plan on the survial of your breeeding stock. If you eat your breeding stock you could be in a world of trouble.

Stockpile as much as you can. Guns and ammo. Drinking water. Food. Non-hybrid seed for vegetables. Medical supplies. Fire starters. Good knives. Cast iron cookware for cooking a lot of food outdoors. Tools for living. Not power tools but hand tools. The electricity can be shut off. Build a stone fireplace with a good strong grill on it. Make it easy to build a fire within it.

Dig a well and install a hand pump. Got my well already installed downstairs and just need a pump. It's shallow and it will be no trouble to gain water from it. Good sweet water. Lots of calcium in the water around here. Good for what ails you.

Mr. Dakim over at Bison Survival Blog has a hand operated grain grinder supplier located. Good price. Solid steel burrs with it. Try it out. Get it through him and he will make a couple dollars and help him keep his blog going. Support your survival blogs! You won't get any better advice on how to stay alive in bad times.


I read this morning that all athletes from England are being required to sign a 32 page document pledging that they will not say anything bad about their host country this year, China. If you do get lippy they will put you on a plane and send you back to England with your name in disgrace and your career as an athlete ruined. It showed the 1938 English Soccer team giving the Nazi salute at the Summer Olympics of that year. I like what Jesse Owens did, myself. He knew all about the two faced political bullshit and he just went over there to Germany and ran the ass off the German runners. Ol' Adolf was a bit tore up about that. Probably gave him stomach cancer. Good for him!

Prince Charles, on the other hand, has decided to not go to the games this year. He attended the ceremony when Hong Kong was given back to the Chinese and he was not impressed with the way they treated people. Good for you, Charlie! Next to the Israelies, the Chinese are the most racist people on the planet. If you ain't Chinese you are the enemy. They will tolerate you for a while if they need you but in the end YOU GET IT IN THE END. Not a nice government. Not nice at all. We will fight them all down through the next thousand years. They are obsessed with dominating the world. And they are nasty people. MacArthor knew what to do and Truman stopped him. Harry was a dancing Baptist out of Kansas City, Missouri. He fell for the United Nations bullshit. Dumb.

The Chinese are the reason we have shortages of lead and brass and other stuff to make ammo. They are buying up all the scrap on the world market. Why are the Chinese buying all that stuff? My declaration is they are buying it to shoot it back at us. That's the trouble with globalists. They dont care about the aftershock of their dealings. They just get on to the next deal. I hope they all live in the coastal cities of this country when TEOTWAWKI comes. Sweet justice.

I read that Germany in WWII tried to get Mexico to allow an attack on America to take place from their country. Germany offered Mexico the states of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona in return for their cooperation. I wonder if those guys trumpeting ATZLAN will decline to let China use their country for a launching pad for an attack on the United States. Probably not. Gonna be a lot of blood shed if it happens.

I must go now and see what is going on in the world.

Stay cognizant and stay alive!


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