Sunday, February 24, 2008


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Marijuana big earner for Mexico gangs


Marijuana is now the biggest source of income for Mexico's drug cartels and the U.S. is committed to cracking down harder on traffickers, U.S. drug czar John Walters said Thursday.
"We're trying to increase the force with which we're attacking this problem," Walters said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. "This is a focus because of the overlooked importance marijuana has in the violence."

Walters made the comments following a meeting with Mexican officials who want the U.S. to prosecute marijuana cases more zealously to reduce the amount of cash gangs can spend on guns.

'Mexican Attorney General Eduardo Medina Mora discussed the subject with Walters and U.S. federal prosecutors from the border region Thursday during a meeting in the Baja California resort of Los Cabos.

Walters said the U.S. government is seeking additional resources to prosecute traffickers of marijuana, which now earns cartels about $8.5 billion or about 61 percent of their annual estimated income of $13.8 billion. Cocaine sales earn the cartels about $3.9 billion, and methamphetamine about $1 billion, he said.

"While the criminal organizations that are a threat to both of our countries make a lot of money off of heroin and cocaine and methamphetamine, the vast majority of their money to buy guns, bribe, corrupt and destroy lives is from marijuana," said Walters, head of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy.

Mexican officials have complained that U.S. prosecutors often release small or mid-level traffickers caught with a few dozen pounds of marijuana.

But Walters said there is no weight threshold for charges, and a desire to help end the bloody shootouts, assassinations and drug battles that have plagued Mexico in recent months could move U.S. prosecutors to act more zealously.

"There are a lot of reasons when you have a case that gets declined," Walter said. "Maybe the evidence isn't quite as strong as it seemed .... sometimes people make a judgment call, and I think it's fair to say that if you had a broader look, maybe you wouldn't make the same call."

He added that the U.S. is "looking at additional ways in which we can have a stronger prosecutorial response," including requests for more funding and personnel.

Since taking office in December 2006, Mexican President Felipe Calderon has sent thousands of soldiers and police to violence-plagued states to combat drug gangs.

I doubt the amount of money mentioned in this article but that is just a point of contention. I think the dollar amount is more.

But we can see a pattern of behavior evolving here. The various governments keep spending more and more money on the "War on Drugs." They keep hiring more and more enforcement agents. And they have very nice conventions at really nice Mexican resort areas. I think I smell a conspiracy here. One more stanchion to put the taxpayers head in so they can be milked a for a few more dollars. Life's a good time on the taxpayers dime.

This gang thing has gotten big, however. The gangs have spread from the big major cities to the towns in the countryside. And they are buying guns. There are towns of 15,000 people with gangs in them now. The town nearest me is losing population due to major industries closing down. People with $15 t0 $20 dollar an hour jobs are leaving because the money is drying up and who wants to sit in a dead ass town while the economy goes into the tank. Big Lots and Dollar General are becoming popular places to shop. A lot of boutiques are looking prettty gloomy these days.

If the economy just slowly grinds people to a pulp and they fall by the wayside slowly, then there is less chance of a general uprising. The slow grind uses all the resource you need to stay alive when you should be spending it on preparation. Did you ever get the feeling that the cards were stacked against you?

The other end of the financial good times we are looking at is a sudden collapse of the money. This is where everyone takes it twixt the cheeks and the economy goes to hell quickly. I believe the term BOHICA applies here. This is where there are a few days supply of food in most people's houses and they have an opportunity to scope out the options available to stay alive. Their electricity hasn't been cut off as yet. They still have some gasoline in their tanks. They might even have a still valid credit card on hand to go charge some guns and ammo with which to shoot things. Shoot you, for instance. This sudden snap of the money system can be the undoing of our society.

The fedgov is planning for this. They allocate funds to "help" local police departments buy the tools necessary to contain you and any of your mischievious friends. They also are snooping into every form of communication that we have. There will also be money to combat gangs. There is even a North American Union so that troops from Canada and Mexico can come in and do the dirty work that our own troops might refuse to do. More stacking the deck against the low level players again.

If you look at the fedgov and you can see what they are doing, it should give you SOME idea of what YOU should be doing. The fedgov is getting ready for civil unrest on a large scale. And this is no bullshit. If there ain't a shutdown of everything due to TEOTWAWKI then the fedgov, and all governments for that matter, will be coming down hard on their citizens. It's a New World Order wet dream and a freedom lovers nightmare.

SO BE PREPARED FOR STRIFE IN YOUR OWN NECK OF THE WOODS. After all, the US Government is, so why aren't you? The economy is going into the tank.

And when the gangs come out of the city to exploit you and take what you have so that they might live, you will be prepared. You will shoot them and leave their bodies where they fall so that anyone coming after them will know what is in store for THEM. Please notice that I am not advocating attacking anyone. Let sleeping dogs lie. Be harmless as Doves. But if they come after YOU then let 'em have it. It's suvival, you know.

Stay Alive.



Dragon said...

I saw a show on the history channel not long ago about gangs in the military. I wont go into whats covered. but, I would do a search and find when it would be on again or if its viewable on you tube. Just a heads up. Dragon

Ryan said...

A thing like that would be a big issue if the gangs united (as california hispanic gangs have under the mexican mafia).