Tuesday, February 5, 2008


The morning has gone by quickly. I slept in for some reason. Didn't get up until quarter after seven. Turning into a slug in my old age, I reckon. Well, if that is what the good God wants he can have it. God knows I woke up bright and early for many, many years. Maybe not too bright, but always early.

I have been studying people this morning. From Adam Smith back in the early days of this country to Roman Emporers. Great bunch to study. Too bad they don't have much to say that can help us in this day and age. But I was always taught that history was a prison for the blind. If you can't see what is out in front of you then you rely on what happened in the past. And the past is the garbage can of history. Pretty simple to understand.

What lies ahead of us is war, pestilence, disease, economic depression, and a few other goodies. The scenario reads like another version of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. But we are survivers here and not a bunch of panty waist poor dumb pukes who roll over and take it from the bad guys.

Most surviver types don't want to fight the government. They don't want to stop what the government is doing. They are on the railroad tracks of history and they merely want to get out of the way of the big bad train that is about to engulf them. And I wish all of you very good luck.

The president has submitted a budget to congress for THREE POINT ONE TRILLION DOLLARS. Can you imagine the insanity of that? Can you imagine what mischief a government can get into with that much money backing it up for year? And how much of that sum will we have to borrow from the Chinese and the Japanese? The boys in Washington, D.C. are getting out of touch with reality. Their dreams of power and conquest are going to get us all killed, if not rendered penniless. But we are survivers, are we not? We know that certain parts of the country will not get bombed or missiled. We know that if we spend some time underground when the attack comes we will survive. We know that if we have weapons and ammo to protect ourselves we can hold our ground, at least for a while. We know that if we are with good friends we will have a much better chance of success than if we are alone. Our people have always lived in clans and tribes, clear back through Biblical history.

We know to have lots of food stored in advance. We know to have non-hybrid seed for the next crop ready to plant. We know to have plenty of canning supplies for the coming times of hardship. We know to have our water supply figured out. You don't make it so good without water. We know that we must have all our bodily orifices sealed from the outside air when the nukes go off. We know to have tools saved in abundance. Hand tools, not power tools. Shovels, axes, splitting mauls, picks and mattoxes. All kinds of hand saws for making that GOOD firewood. Trout lines and spools of fishing line in various weights. Assorted fishhooks for getting protein when supplies get low. Artificial lures and maybe even a worm bed.

The list of things to have are endless and no one will have it all. But you try real hard to have what you need, what you can use. The more you can figure out the greater the chances are of you surviving. Do get ready for the days to come. Don't worry about the days of the past.

Too many people worry about the past. They worry about things they can't change. They want to fix problems that are too numerous to count, let alone fix. Let all that history leave you. Don't worry about it. Too much to do. Too many problems to fix. I give a shit less about Tom Paine and what he wrote. It won't apply when the TEOTWAWKI comes to our shores. Look forward, not backward. There are two Bibles to study. The Natural Bible and the Written Bible. Pay attention to both of them. Pay attention to the right now. Read the Internet. Read survival books. Read herb books. Read construction books. Learn how to raise worms. Learn how to build a log cabin from scratch. I know how to do it. And if I can do it, then you can too!

So you study different skills and you store up the things you need.

And you stay alive.


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