Monday, February 25, 2008

Winding up on Martial Law, I think

Theotherryan wanted to know where the FEMA internment camps were, or if they just existed in the blogosphere. I sent him an addy I got off of Google that seemed to be pretty righteous. It's and it has a lot of camp sites.

I remember years ago we had a woman lawyer from Indianapolis come down to speak to us on the subject of Waco, TX. She had made a video of the mess at Waco and was showing it to whoever would watch. I can't remember her name but she was looking to cause some trouble for the fedgov. She did, I think, but it passed like all things do in this country. America has a short attention span.

But this lady knew about the internment camp in Indy. And I have seen pictures of it. I guess I could have some pictures taken and sent around if anyone wants them. I have a buddy in Indy who would do it in a heartbeat if he is in town.

The Jefferson Proving Grounds would be hard to DISPROVE being an internment camp. The camp is restricted because there is supposed to be un-detonated ordnance on the ground that make it dangerous for people to inhabit. Is that true? I have no idea. Would the feedgov lie about it? Most assuredly.

You will just have to make up your own mind about this. But I DO KNOW that 10 of these camps were built in the early 50's. I remember reading about them when I was a school kid. No one cared back then. Joseph McCarthy was beating the drum about commies in the fedgov and a lot of people believed him. It turned out that he was right, but he still got smeared from piller to post. But that is how it is in this country. You try to tell the truth and you get creamed. The people don't want to hear the truth. Just a small minority.

Let's have a good time today. Listen to . It will do you some good!

Stay alive. Oh, by the way, I got to watch the first season of LOST last night. Not bad but still with some dumb shit happening. Pretty good looking women though!


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admin said...

Whether these camps only exist in the blogsphere is something that has certainly crossed my mind. It is not easy to separate the facts from fiction, but I think it is highly likely they do exist. It has happened plenty of times in history, and many places, including the US. Would it be likely? Of course, highly likely, the writing is on the wall.

I tried to find a few of them with google earth, and did find Fort Wainwright east of Fairbanks, Alaska without any problem. The satellite image was not conclusive - difficult to see what was going on on the ground, and fences not visible at that resolution, but I could see a train line entering the area, and noticed a number of industrial installations close by, like a refinery and the Alaska pipe line. Those are obviously important to the economy and running of the country, and with permafrost melting, one can see the need of a massive amount of manpower to underpin these installations. I can easily see chain gangs up there. And where are they going to get all that cheap labor? Doesn't require a leap of the imagination. It all fits together, all the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. Scary times ahead.