Saturday, February 23, 2008


I just got back from getting the phone number for the land that you could use for a retreat. It has all been sold. It was divided into lots about 10 years ago and they were put up for sale. I guess the lots never sold and the landowner just sold the whole acreage off to get rid of it. It was a "Land and All" deal for a logger years back. He bought the land and logged it and then made the lots and put them up for sale. Makes his end of the deal look better if it works. The idea is that hunters from the big city will come buy a lot and shoot deer and tell their buddies and even more hunters will buy. Didn't work this time. Smart hunters form small groups and incorporate and buy a farm, not a lot. Then they have a sporting chance to get their deer. Otherwise they have to go ASK someone for permission to hunt on their land.

But the land has a sign that says keep out, no trespassers, survivors will be prosecuted. I am sorry, but I have been driving around that neck of the woods for many years and I did not know it had been sold. I guess I have been staying at home the last year or two. I apologize.

I have a friend who does Land and All deals for his own business and I will ask him if he has anything for sale and what he wants for it. Best I can do.


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Jess keep yer eyes peeled, Dragon