Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I've been reading the news and views all over the Intenet today and one thing sticks in my mind. The populace of this country do not want our values. To any degree.

Our desire for clean food is not shared by most americans. They continue to chow down on McDonalds just like they always have. They eat Kentucky Fried Chicken all the time. Our ideas of health and wellness do not appeal to our friends in the world. Our ideas of increasing the potency of our immune system does not make any mental headway in the minds of our neighbors. There is something wrong with this picture.

What could possibly be wrong with eating good nourishing food? What could be wrong with eating to build up your immune system? Why would anyone want to reject such sound advice? There can only be two answers to this. They either don't believe it or they just don't care. And those who don't believe are just using that as an excuse to not do any reasearch on the matter. They are lazy. They are living out their lives coasting along on their genetic inheretance. They take no thought of their health. The scripture says a wise man regardeth the health of his beast. And that beast is what carries us around all day. Why don't we regard it's health?

The news and views are full of all kinds of articles about poverty and bank failures and homeless people and life-style disruptions that appear to be permanent. But why let the media set the parameters of the discussion? You will notice that THEY aren't making noises about getting out of the commercial foodchain and putting up your own food. They want this crazy money situation to go on! It makes news. And people out on the street without food will make them news. But the guy who has lots of home canned food and is eating well during the duress will not make the news. He is not some freak of nature that rates a feature on some national news program. He is merely doing what his grand parents and great grand parents did in the years gone by.

My woman went to the store yesterday and came home with a 5 pound bag of Rice and a 4 pound bag of beans to put in the survival stash. We didn't grow it but we have it. And if it starts looking hungry outside we will damn sure eat it. Did you get 9 pounds of easily stored nutrition for your pantry this week? Do this every week for a year and you have over 450 pounds of nutrition ready to go. It might not be the most organic grown food around, but it ain't bad and it will secure us against starvation for some time.

But our friends and neighbors across this great land of ours are not into it. They are like the Ostrich that sticks it's head in the sand. They just pretend that the danger ain't there. Well hide and watch folks, because the danger is real and the S is about to HTF. And we fully intend to be canning good garden vegetables this Fall. That will make our stash even more nutritious and greater in volume.

The point is being made that this kind of news and advice is not being given to the american public. And I can only surmise that it is because they don't want you to do it. I was e-mailing with a lady from England and she feels that the food thing will be the issue the various governments will use to get us into internment camps. "Sure we have food. Come right on in. Leave your weapons and any gold or silver at the gate for security purposes. We will find you a tent as quickly as possible. Your children will be bussed to a very fine school only 150 miles from here. They will be with you on the weekends as much as possible. We are your government and we are here to help you."

That sound you just heared was a Remington 870 getting a round of 00 Buck jacked into the chamber. They can take their camps and their food and shove 'em. We'll be just fine, thank you. And stock up on food! Grow and can as much as you can. Dry stuff that can be stored that way. Although a grid-down situation would knock your freezer out, it's a good way to go until the power goes out. James Rawles was on the tried and true message of investing in "tangibles" this morning. That simply means don't put any money in anything you can't hold in your hand. Buy food and ammo and other things that might be off the market and scarce. This is survival folks. If you can't eat it or keep warm with it or defend with it or cook a meal with it or cure a sickness with it or wear it, FORGET ABOUT IT.

You might not forget about animals. Cattle and hogs taste mighty good. Goat meat is very similiar to venison. There are meat goats and milk goats Hogs can be fattened with your table scraps in the Summer. Goats too, for that matter. All those cuttings off of vegetables that your wife prepares can go right into a hogs belly and be turned into good, edible meat. Chickens make nice meals also. If you have a family of three or four you will understand the economy of chickens. It is not too good a practice to go kill a 1000 pound steer for feeding a small family. Too much waste. For a large group it is just fine. And chickens lay eggs if you know how to feed them.

Horse can be eaten and I hear they still do that in England. But they are a source of strong labor and a good ride if you don't eat them. They are a bit of a bitch to feed, however. They eat a lot of hay and grain. If you work them regularly they can pay for themselves but if they are just a toy for little Suzie or Joey, then think of something else they might like. Don't starve on account of a kid's plaything.

There is also hunting. I haven't bought any 8 shot at Walmart for a few years but they used to sell it pretty cheap. $15 for 100 rounds. Those little pellets can put some good grub on the table. And so can 22 LR. You can eat a lot of Squirrel and Rabbit off a 22 rifle. And though I have presented this subject before, you NEED protein. You need it in the worst way. I stumbled on a guy who traps called Buckshot and he has some mighty fine things to say about eating Beaver and muskrats. He also has some fine things to say about the VOLUME of meat that trapping can afford you. But it is PROTEIN and you gotta have it. Just because it's an art that is no longer practiced by most people does not mean it is of no value. And think about brain tanning those hides! You get warm clothes as a side benefit from trapping. Kinda makes it look a little different in the course of a changing lifestyle. Warm, rugged clothing for little or nothing.

So never give up on your quest for food. Buy non-hybrid seed and store it for future use. Try to do something every week to extend your future. Buy a book that tells you how to save seed. If you don't want to get into trapping then at least buy some traps to go around your garden and nail the critters that are in competition for YOUR food.

Food. Without it you die or become enslaved.

Stay alive.



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