Monday, February 25, 2008


Someone asked me about the role of the National Guard and the Reserves in this country during SHTF. Damned if I knew! About the best I could come up with was defining SHTF as a situation where the government was not out of control of the country and thus the Guard and the Reserve would be around to take orders and to define order in our society. TEOTWAWKI, however, is the ruination of our infrastructure with complete breakdowns in communications, food supply, medical services, police protection, electricity, radio and television, etc. So I have to say that under most conditions the Guard and the Reserve will not be around to do much in the event of a nuclear disaster. EMP will probably screw everything up.

Martial Law will probably be our first experiene with actual SHTF. We have never suffered such indignity during my lifetime so it looks like we will get the experience. I guess you can't have too much experience. And think of all those police out there who will enjoy their sudden elevation to power they have only dreamed of. The possibiites are endless.

There will be surveilance all over the place. Road blocks, the reading of mail, wiretaps on our phones and emails, cameras to record our every move, spies in all walks of society, and so on and so forth. Martial Law will be a mess and quite possibly a very dangerous mess. A friend of mine sent me a couple web sites addressing the issue of Martial Law. They are below.

The guy who put these pages up on the net says he has lived through Martial Law in Central or South American countries. Seems like it's a bitch. Seems like you can get shot for looking at a cop in the eyes. Don't know cause I ain't never been there. Could be we are about to find out. But the Blackwater guys they hired to 'protect and serve' down in New Orleans after Katrina hit were real dogs. They went around and started disarming al the citizenry. Took a federal court and some threats to get them to back off. Don't know if they were even Americans. But they were nasty. Forewarned is forearmed.

If you now anything abot Martial Law please give me a post so that we can get deeper into the subject. Survivalists want all the edge they can get. And they ain't gonna get any edge from anyone serving the system, uness they get lucky.

Stay alive.


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