Friday, February 1, 2008

The Road Home

I drive the road home. I have for years. 37 years to be exact. I wonder how many years YOU have driven the road home. You know the road I am talking about. It's the stretch of road that takes you to your house or village after the last turn on the way. For me the last stretch is at the top of a hill where I turn and drop down into our valley. That turn at the top of the hill is an occasion on the regular drive. You know you have it made if you can make that turn and go down that hill.

All the cares of business can fade from your mind. The problems with the Mill and the problems wth the Market. They can all fall away from you and peace can enter your being. You are where the people are. You are where there is some security. You are on the way home, at last.
Some people drive that road and never see it. They shoot down that gravel road with one purpose and that is to get to the nest, and to the meal table. These are what we call commuters. They put in their time and they cover the distance. Nothing more.

But that road is intersting. It has little highs and lows and curves and all sorts of interesting geological formations. Have you ever driven your road and thought about how to defend it? Where you could be and somebody coming in to do you harm could be met with resistance?

Preparedness is thinking about things in advance. It is thinking about trouble before trouble gets there. I have driven that road many times in the effort to see where I could lay with a rifle and defend my home and family. Have you ever done this on YOUR road? I have found many little ambush spots on the almost 5 mile stretch of road to my door. Places where I can see with my own eyes that can be defended. The best place to be when an enemy comes is where you can see him and he can't see you. You get the good shot and he gets the bullet. How admirable. How triumphant!

Deer hunting is essentially acting the role of a sniper. The people who want to charge you good money for shotting lessons don't want you to know this. But if you can hunt deer you can snipe. You now the drill. You scout out the land and find out where the deer are moving. This is the same as scoping out the road home. Then you find a spot where the deer can't see you but you can see them and then you wait. You find a spot where an invading force will likely have to come through and you hide yourself where you can take advantage of their ignorance and kill them. You want to make it as easy for you and as difficult for them as is possible.
As a note of caution, when you go out to meet a mob of freebooters or folks of other nationality who might be invading, don't take over half your men out to meet them. Leave the other half at your main base in defense positions. Have them where they have a good field of fire and have them with plenty of ammo. They may be the basis for your continued existance. They will have to evacuate the women and kids if the situation is hopeless. These are the guys who need to know what to bring in a Bug Out Bag.

Good luck and stay alive.


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