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As I concentrate on what people will need to survive, I keep coming back to getting out of the towns and cities, getting with some people of like mind, and getting a piece of the world to call your own. It has to be now or be later, and later can be tough to handle. The DoD is planing on $225 a barrel oil cost in its future vehicle development. That might not be the half of it. When gasoline goes to $10 a gallon it will cost like hell just to get a loaf of bread at the store. We will be reduced to peon status. Go for the chrome while the monopoly money is still in effect. The unfeeling animals who run the world economy don't care about you. They care about the bottom line. Get busy NOW. Costs will probably drop before they go off like a rocket. Then the SHTF will begin in earnest. You have been warned.

So make up your mind to get out and get that obstacle out of your mental way. You better get things straight with your mate, too. Your mate is someone you will want with you. Since I am a sort of Patriarchal guy I always think of “mate” as my wife. And if your mate is another guy, well, go somewhere else and do your thing, but stay away from me.

So you talk it over with your wife and you get the plan formed out in your minds. If, at this point, your wife says no, then you better start looking for another wife. And that is a harsh thing to say but it is absolutely essential in the formation of a survival group. You have to count on your wife or you will have a voice in the background murmuring against you forever. It will take away from your effect in the group. In the church world it is called "ruining your ministry". Get it settled and get it out of the way. ‘Nuff said.

Then you go looking for people of like mind as you. If you have a church group then that is fine. At least you know them and what they believe in. Now if the preacher who runs your church hears about your effort to go out in the woods and start a group, he will come against you with full fury. You are messing with his income and he isn’t going to like that. That is a thing about preachers and the way they are created. They don’t really have any life skills to speak of. They have devoted their life to a religion and when they reach middle age they suddenly realize that they are trapped and can’t get out. They have no other way to make a living but to back their particular religious sect. It’s either that or win the lottery. Religion is a vicious world. A house meeting group is much better for garnering members of a survivalist group.

So your choice of cohorts has to be fairly secret and discrete if you are a member of a church. But it could be any group you now associate with. Or it could be a totally new group that you form for whatever purpose. For a young man in his 30’s or 40’s I would suggest that you start out with strangers. People from your past know all your old diapers, the mistakes and embarrassments of your youth. And any tales they may have on you will be talked about all over the place. Everyone will know. Be wary of old acquaintances. They can ruin your reputation.

What you want are men of like mind who work and who have a heart for survival. And while that might be a tall sounding order, it is not so strange these days. A lot of people are thinking the SHTF is coming. It has happened so much lately that people feel it is going to come real hard real soon. You really shouldn't have that much trouble finding like minds these days.

In talking up your trip, talk about Divide and Conquer. Talk about how individuals are getting taken to the cleaners and then talk about how a large group can still make it. Groups can buy wholesale. Individuals pay what is asked of them. Strong groups can quickly get the reputation for being someone you don't want to mess with. A good thing for keeping nibshits out of the camp. Having a strong, united front to the rest of the world can make your life a lot simpler.

Once you get a group then the work starts in earnest. First of all you need to get the financial details worked out. You are going to need money while there is still any value to it. You will have to talk your friends into selling what they have to invest it into your future. If they won't go alonng with this plan then they can't participate. You need survivalists not armchair warriors. The guys who like to talk are fine for a while but finally it comes down to putting your money where your mouth is. And in this day and age money talks and bullshit walks. This policy can change after you get started but in the beginning the stricter road has to be followed. It just has to be. The poorer folks can come in after you have an economic base established.

After you get your group to agree to pooling the money then you must start looking for a place to live. And when you look you must think about how a group of people can make a living where you are thinking of buying. Not an easy task. I would suggest prayer and plenty of it. God can lead you to a place where he will bless you. Open your heart to him and pray. Pray diligently. There is land around where I live for sale that is pretty cheap. It was bought by sawmills and logging companies and cut over. It is pretty cheap. But it won't be worth much for quite a while. But it is out away from the maddening crowd. There won't be crack dealers riding the streets trying to make a sale to your kids. There won't be preachers trying to enlist them in their denomination. There won't be Planned Parenthood giving your kids birth control at an early age and encouraging pre-marital sex.

You will own the land and you control it. There might be a couple good springs to use for water. When the Sun hits the forest floor after the trees have been cut, the plant life takes off in an explosion. Into this area deer and turkeys and rabbits all come flocking to the new food source. Around here the tree to build with is Poplar. Its called Tulip Poplar but it ain't really a Poplar, it is a Tulip tree. But only the foresters know that and the market buys and sells it as Poplar. But if you were around here I would suggest that you build log buildings out of Poplar. Keep it up off the ground and keep a roof over it and it will last a long time. If you ever get a sawmill then you can get fancy and built with Poplar Lumber. Nice stuff. Light and durable. And termites don't show much love for it like they do for Oak and other hardwoods.

The next thing you do after you get some place to call your own is to create an economic base. You gotta make a living unless you're rich as Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. We got into the sawmill business and we logged timber to support it. Higher profit margin. But you don't have to do that. You could grow beef cattle or a huge truck garden or have a dairy herd or chickens or turkeys or just what ever fits where you live. You could grow Garlic for the market. You could grow Purple Coneflower. There are a million things to do. And people living together will get to doing what ever it is that feeds them.

If any of you have an interest in this kind of venture just email me and I will help you as much as I can. I have been there and I have done it. Others run their gums and I did the work, along with a lot of other people.

I wish you all good luck in any venture you start for survivals sake.

Get to work and stay alive!


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