Thursday, February 28, 2008


I went to our regular Wednesday night rap meeting last night. It was a surprising meeting. My buddy who lives just across our big pond from me got to the point last night that he said he had been in the survival food business during the Carter administration. I had been on my "Grow Food and Can It" rant. This thing about martial law is starting to disturb me. Too much of it is real and I can't ignore it.

One of my friends said it was becoming too expensive to store food for bad times. I went off like a guided missile. I started with the Eagles and their "Your mommas too skinny and your daddy's too fat. Get over it." I said you do what you can do and you get right on it. NOW! It ain't going to get any cheaper. I don't like the Negatives taking over and getting everyone down and out. Doesn't do anyone a damn bit of good.

I take it as an axiom of survival that all involved will do what they can to stay alive. If it's a little discomforting, well, that's too bad. But we will get over it! We didn't make this mess but we can damn well survive it. That is what we stand for and that is what we practice.

I read Jim Rawles Survival Blog this morning and it is quite a picture in words. The greedy have ganged up on the unsuspecting and now the greedy are making the unsuspecting pay for the tauma they have inflicted on them. And the corporate owner of America, the Federal Reserve Bank, is in there like a bitin' sow doing all the wrong things and protecting the greedy while doing a "twixt the cheeks" number on us stupid masses.

This is what we have been handed and this this is what we must survive. Simple as that.

As I said earlier, my buddy let it slip last night that he had been in the survival food business back in the Carter Administration. He handled Nitro-Pak stuff and a lot of organics from the Mormons in Utah. His observation was that with a sissy democrat in there people were a bit scared and were preparing for the worst. Then Ronald Reagan got in there and everyone got brave again and it ruined his business because people got bold and felt that Reagan would fight for the country to the bitter end. So much for survival foods in a Republican administration. But if Obama gets in things might be looking up!

Another one of my buddies is a quiet type of survivalist. My talking about suirvival food got him to confess that he knew where all the Rosehips were on our property. He picks 'em and eats 'em. He also knows where a lot of Blackberries and Raspberries are growing. One guy, who was not at the meeting because he was away on business has been planting Blueberries around the sides of our roads. There is also a strange Apple tree that has seeds that produce more Apple trees just like the one it came from and it is NOT a Crabapple tree. I will be getting seed fpom this devil this year. We also have a wild Pear tree that produces good fruit every year. They aren't big pears but testimonies indicate that they sure are good and sweet.

So don't ever give up! The bastards will make it tough on us but we will overcome them with our drive to survive. Some hillbilly somewhere knows something that will make it possible to survive. By the way, I put a lot of stock in those old hillbillys and their knack of getting by on next to nothing. The same with the Amish. The Amish are gong to take care of the Amish first and I can't say as I blame them. But they can demonstrate some remarkable talents on occasion. The Handmaiden chats them up quite abit and looks up stuff on the Internet for them and prints it out and delivers it. It doesn't hurt to befriend these people at all.

Just talking about food to survive a major slow down in the economics last night brought out some very enlightning things. The lowest food supply was the guy who was complaining about the cost of food. He makes around $15 an hour and works very steadily for 40 hours a week. He has no wife and no child support to pay. His vehicles are all paid for. His rent is $10 a week and his electric bill. And he is compaining about the price of stored food being prohibitive! I just about choked in my own contempt. And he has 4 weeks of food stored up. Just a measely 4 weeks! Old Fred, my buddy, has 6 months supply of stuff and gets by on about a fourth of the complainer's wage. But Fred is determined.

I will be getting back to this subject often, I hope. I also hope to be the bearer of good tidings. There has to be corners we can cut and strategies to beat the market. I will pass all the good news on that I can find.

Stay alive!


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