Wednesday, February 13, 2008


In reading my morning fare of survival blogs I am pleased to note that we are getting back to real survivalism. It would seem that more folks are getting to the concept of 'group survivlism' rather than the individualistic type. In reading J. W. Rawles this morning he preached a helluva sermon on EMP. I mean he got down to the bare rocks. A very good piece. He also had some kind words regarding the retention of your weapons. And he got it right! Very right!

On the subject of Electo-Magnetic Pulse, it is very true that this is a phenomenom that will kill your car, your phone, your computer, your electricity, your radio, your television, your refridgerator, your freezer, and maybe a few assorted gadgets around the home you never think about. It will be devastating. All of a sudden it will be "back in the 1800's" for most folks.

You can have light for reading if you have candles or oil lamps. Or you can read in daylight hours. Battery powered light will be iffy. I don't know if those high-tech chargers will work after EMP or not. The solar chargers will work if the grid goes down but no one knows if they will work after EMP. There is a difference. Any decent bomb will cause a power plant to fail. And that would be a terrible thing in and of itself. But EMP will shut it down in a more permanent fashion. And it might shut down your solar battery charger. EMP will also shut down your home radio support system. A lot of you have small walkie talkies and CB's and what not to communicate when TEOTWAWKI comes. I would not put my life at the risk of these radios working. They may or may not work. Put your money on the premise that they won't work and if they do then you are way ahead of the game.

You can work around EMP if you put your electronic devices in a FARADY CAGE. This will protect them from EMP. But if EMP shuts down the grid then you have worked for nothing. If you have a generator that is protected then you might have some power for a few personal devices but it will not call up the major network that we all depend on. Electricuty is not a very dependable thing when the SHTF. It is practically meaningless in the event of TEOTWAKI. Don't count on it at all.

Here at the home front in southern Indiana we have a central meeting place and that will be where everyone gets updated on the local news on a regular basis. Communications are important. Try to have everyone clustered around a central point where they might be reached quickly and easily. Don't be limited to electrical devices when the bad times come. You probably won't have them available in working order. And by clustered I mean within a few hundred yards of the central meeting place. Don't get in the position of where a single bomb can wipe you out.

And if the TEOTWAWKI comes in the cold weather, you had damn sure better have wood heat for your crew. People have to stay alive, and heat in the Winter is one way of not dying. A large wood burning cook stove is a nice thing to have at a central meeting place. Warmth brings people together. You know, inside of us is a many million year old animal. It is very wise, up to a point. And when it looks around and sees a multitude of other folks who have survived a catastrophe it is soothed and amiable. It will be cooperative. It will be willing to help. Just a thought for those who are interested in the workings of the human nature.

As far as the guns are concerned, I second Mr. Rawles in his statement of 'never turning lose of the guns.' I remember that old cliche about an armed man being a citizen and an unarmed man being a subject. To hell with being a subject! I will be with my people and we will be living as free as God will allow. You see, God isn't scared of guns. He can't be hurt by a gun. Just go outside and shoot a gun into the air and see if you can get a reaction from God. I'm telling you, it is a waste of ammo. So God doesn't give a damn if you have a gun. In fact he might think you were acting with some good sense if you had a couple. They are no threat to him. Stay armed. Only human beings who wish to subjegate you are against guns. Please remember that. GUNS DON'T BOTHER GOD!

Another thing I would like to touch upon this morning is local infrastructure. I'm talking about your roads and your culverts. Any place on your land that is hard to get to because of water needs a culvert. Any dip-in in the land needs a culvert. If you are on a gravel road, which most of us country folks are, keep a 20 or 30 ton supply of gravel on hand for patching it. Even horse drawn carts roll easier on gravel. But don't run a horse on gravel. You can cripple one of them by doing that. You might study the FROG in a horse's hoof and you will find out what I am talking about. But getting around your area is very important. Even if you have to walk. Stumbling in a chuckhole in the dark can be very painful. It can also put a good man down for a long time while his ankle heals. Protect ourself and take care of your road. And it will be YOUR road. There won't be any county road crew coming out with a road grader to make things nice. You and your gang will be the ones who do the labor. Be ready.

Be ready and stay alive!


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