Wednesday, September 17, 2008


The Bush administration bailed out AIG yesterday to the tune of 85 billion dollars. I can hardly fathom that much money. But I can fathom that the Fascists have used us again to to socialize their loses. The system is still going to fail but Bush is going to help his buddies as long as he can. We need some Internet Detective to go back through some records and see if AIG gave much to the RNC in support of Bush's election or re-election. The Detective might also check to see how much was donated by wholly owned subsidiaries of AIG. Lehman Brothers must have given to the DNC.

I have had a couple nice comments from readers in the last 12 or 16 hours. Less than 1% of my readership. I would much rather be a help to a very small number of people interested in surviving than to be a source of entertainment to a larger number.

Put away about 20 pounds of shell-outs yesterday. They got their freezing and their Bay Leaves and they got put away. I love having that food around. It can prolong life. In reading TEOTWAWKIAIFF this morning I got inspired to get me some more candles. You can catch this fine fella at PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT HE SAYS YOU NEED! If it ain't perfect it is way down the road from what most people consult with. A whole lot further down the road. This is not a time to be emotional. It is a time of enforced rationality on the part of those intending to survive. THINK!

Over at SurvivalBlog our guy James W. Rawles had a very good post from a guy in Cincinnati, OH. He had friends who went to stores for survival items at the approach of the remnant of Hurricane Ike. And he duly noted that all the exact things Rawles said would be grabbed off the shelves in the stores were exactly what was gone. Ain't it wonderful to have a good man like Jim Rawles tell you these things? And haven't you shown your appreciation by at least stocking up before hand? Sigh... The truth of the matter is that most of you haven't done a damn thing. And these bloggers out here are telling you every day of the week to get ready!
What a world. That is what pisses me off about writing about survivalism. You tell the people what to have on hand, the latest economic and political news that can affect them, the latest danger signals on the horizon. And most of them are not ready. Shame on ye!

But I am not quitting. I am going on, preparing my food storage and my security and what ever else is necessary and I can afford. What I cannot afford costs me a bit of time while I figure out how to get it.

I go for now. Stay alive.



Sunfighter said...

Yep. They don't listen. They don't hear. They think they know it all. Good post.

gott_cha said...


I hope you reconsider on not blogging. I know at times folks dont reply,...hell man I dont much.....but if I did all i could say would be a , "ditto" "amen to that" "good advice" or somthin along those lines.
A lot of us fellow preppers read your blog,..I do!!...its at the top of my morning reading list.

I cant say I agree 100% with ALL you say,...but hey,...things are not the same conditions all over the country, what works for me in my area may not work for others in other places.

You post current and pertinent info that we ALL can garner or glean from.
I know it gets old trying to wake the sheep,...hell man even I had the pissin fits about it earlier in the summer.

I would that you think about it,...take a little break,...maybe post just 2 or 3 times a week..or so.

Its good to have like minded friends in other places to get the pulse on whats happening.

If you decide to quit all together....I can respect that and will wish you well and much peace and happiness. With that said.....please stay in contact.


Abraham said...

Mr. Boone:

AIG has donated a ton of cash to everyone. That's the grease that keeps the wheels of American Style Capitalism (private profits and public losses) rolling. This is a wonderful website for doing research:

I took the liberty of doing research on AIG. The funny thing is that they its donations are split roughly 50/50. Although they always favor the dems.

and the top individual donors from AIG -

Michael French said...

Try this article for starters on the contributions by AIG:

Dragon said...

Just another nail in americas coffin.

Anonymous said...

Michael, you need to keep posting for those like me that are keen to learn, are prepping according to advice from sites like yours and others.

We need to teach and learn from each other, please continue to show us the things we need to consider.

Natog said...

Thanks for the shoutout, Michael!

If you could, please keep posting on lessons from your group, how it started, what's going on now to keep it running.

I'd like to emulate what you have done to some extent, someday.

treesong said...

Hello from Michigan. I just started reading your blog and took the time to read through ALL of your old posts- no small task!

I've been a prepper for some time and have a few suggestions to toss out for anyone willing to listen.
First, STUFF happens. It does not have to be a hurricane, flood, bombing or other huge event. It could be losing your job, losing your mate (who was also employed), losing your home to fire, etc.
Second, eat what you store and store what you eat. Third, keep some stores separate from your primary stores - like in another building. And Fourth, challenge yourself to run an experiment in your household. Live without electricity, running water, and a few other "conveniences" for a time. Pretend TSHTF and you must now survive. No quicker way to see where your holes are and how well you're prepared emotionally.
I was homeless for a time and believe me, if you don't have your wits, some practical information and a willingness to survive you may as well curl up and die.
Also, I too would like to hear more about your group; how it operates, how people were brought together, etc. Thanks for listening.