Saturday, September 6, 2008


Hey! It's Saturday and I have been goofing off and am now settled in to writing my blog for the day. We can start out the post with the announcement that there was no bank closings this Friday. That must mean we will get two of them next week. The thing that might have deferred the bank closings could have been the announcement that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are getting their asses bailed out this weekend. You and I will be expected to contribute to the $100,000,000,000 that it will take to make them all better again. The word so far is that the fedgov will dole out the money to them on a quarterly basis and enable them to maintain liquidity. Liquidity means they have enough cash to operate in something of a sane manner and they will not default on their payments.

And I am sure that my readers will breathe a sigh of relief from knowing that their billions they have invested in Fannie and Freddie are as safe as they can be made safe. And that will bless the Chinese and Japanese Central Banks who are in for about half a trillion dollars. Hah! The real bail-out beneficiaries are Middle Eastern and Asian Central Banks, or sovereign wealth funds or whatever they call their national wallets. Our Congress and our Administrative branches of government have so very kindly used the public money to bail these shysters out of trouble. Kinda brings a tear to your eye to know they hung us out to dry for half a trillion to help those poor innocent oil producers. This helps me to understand the term "Privatization of profit and nationalization of debt." If the bet goes good, the big boys make money hand over fist. If it goes bad then they transfer the debt to the public and let them pay it off.

My readers, unrequited and sarcastic beings as they are, have long called the money/economy thing a Ponzi Scheme. If we truly had a free economy then the poorly run shyster businesses of this country would collapse, there would be a period of consternation, and then things would get going all right and proper again, if allowed. But Freddie and Fanny are holding 6 trillion dollars of questionable debt and they can't be "allowed" to fail. We can fail all we want and that is just the way it is. But these big boys must have some guarantee of success that us little guys don't get. And people in our own country know what is going on and approve of it and that is that and YOU pick up the tab...thank you very much. You ever hear the term "TREASON"? Seems like this would fit it to a "T". But no fedgov court would ever convict any other federal employee of such a thing. Ain't gonna happen.

On the prepping front, I have goofed off today and will have to either get busy this afternoon or do it tomorrow. And I have a large bag of beans ready to come out of the freezer and go into storage, with the addition of some Bay Leaves to the bag.

The Handmaiden took some branches full of Elderberries out of the freezer and shook them in her sieve and they dropped off like magic. Beats trying to strip the plants with a course comb!

I have a man from the northern part of Indiana who is talking to me about starting an Indiana Preppers Network. We need a bunch of these around the country. I have contacted Riverwalker and I will try to get his method of blogging the info down pat and running here in the Hoosier State. Hell, it might even work.

I think I will go shell beans while it is so nice outside. You all have a good day and please stay alive.



gott_cha said...

Silver State bank of Nevada closed

Mayberry said...

Nope! There was a bank closing on friday.... Check out my post.

Terrence Maddox said...

Count me in, in the Hoosier State.
I'll network.