Sunday, August 10, 2008


Alright! I have had my breakfast and some good times with the Handmaiden and now I begin to write. For the second time in a week I have no idea of what I am to write. How's that for thinking ahead! But first came the Prophet who saw what we will face and now comes his son, the Teacher of the lessons.

I got on survival blog dot com this morning and tucked away in the 'odds and sods' was a little link to a couple of Mormon women videos about their food storage. And it is pretty incredible viewing. Just a couple of women down in a basement. Actually several women, one at a time, with the camera lady. But these people are prepared! They have a fine system. And they have plenty to eat in case things head South. Bags and buckets of non-perishables. Staples out the Wazoo! Canned goods from their own kitchens and from the store in town. Cleanliness items for the whole family, and they do have large families. Lots of Water. I saw one lady who had 5 fifty gallon barrels of drinking water. Whew! One woman had a big rack of Kool-Aid and said that while she would never serve it to her family, if the water tasted funny the Kool-Aid was going in and the kids would then drink it.

I write of many things on this blog concerning survival. I write of underground homes and adopting children and having good guns and plenty of ammo and lots of food and water and medical supplies, and so on and so forth. But if you can pattern yourself after these Mormon ladies and their food storage, you will have that area covered and covered well. These folks are not playing around. Serious preppers. And they were nice enough to show us their system. Very kind of them.
The Olympics are on and I could care less.

There is a Presidential election coming up and I could care less.

There are wars going on all over the planet and I could care less.

I am a survivor and I take whatever rolls my way and I deal with it. And I intend to win over any problem I face. Some battles may take longer to win than others but I will not tire of the task. "Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death..."
I have plenty of food for taking me through a tough time. I have the makings of a decent medical bag for those "Oh shit" moments. I have plenty of guns and ammo. I have multi-tools and knives in plentiful supply. I have water and access to much more. My Handmaiden is getting a supply of herbs for medical use. I need more dietary amendments such as special vitamin and mineral tablets. I need Fish Oil and I need Saw Palmetto. I don't know what I will do about my Beta Blocker. I can buy them cheaply enough but I wanted to have a natural source to get me through hard times. We ain't solved that one yet. But I don't think that we are facing TEOTWAWKI. I think this is dress rehearsal. I think this is when we get to take a good honest look at our preps and see where the holes are.

What are we getting that is superfluous? What are we failing to recognize as important? The weather is unseasonably cool. Are we going to have a severe Winter? Is it going to cost an arm and a leg for energy and fuel to keep warm when we could have cheap wood heat? Will our water pipes freeze and burst? Will our well pump stay warm enough to not freeze? How about the inevitable infestation of mice and cockroaches that come with a hard Winter? Those critters aren't stupid. When it gets cold they come inside. The cockroaches come first and then the mice come because that is their Winter food. Everybody is just trying to survive.
I got a really nice email last night from a reader who does not comment too much at all. But he said he appreciated what I was doing and there were others that did also. Kinda like "Silent Survivalists." And that is fine with me. I don't count that much but the message is very important. I'll be trying to keep the Handmaiden's cook fire going and will be plenty busy and well occupied.
Just got an email from Mike Kemp. He sent me a URL for me to read and article. It is at . The deal is they have developed nano technology to the point that hey will be able to literally make things disappear. It's not all done yet but a two or three year period should make things very interesting. It is being done by the USA fedgov at a university out in Californicate. Naturally the guy who is heading up the project is named Xiang Jiang and he is from China. Things could get very interesting if he made a small trip home to see his family.

I'll got for now. Prosper and stay alive! I am going to take a nap.


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