Friday, August 22, 2008

TVA Approves Huge Rate Increase
Largest Increase At TVA Since 1974

POSTED: 11:06 am CDT August 20, 2008
UPDATED: 7:59 pm CDT August 20, 2008

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- The Tennessee Valley Authority has approved a huge electric rate increase for millions of consumers across the seven-state region.
Video: TVA To Substantially Increase Electric Bills

TVA directors meeting in Knoxville Wednesday approved a total increase in rates of 20 percent effective Oct. 1.

The impact on the average TVA household will be an increase of $12 to $15 a month per 1,000 kilowatt hours used.

The average TVA household uses 1,320 kilowatt hours per month. The increase is broken down as 17 percent in a quarterly fuel adjustment charge to offset rising costs in coal and natural gas prices.

The other 3 percent is part of the base rate increase taking effect under the new $12.6 billion budget for fiscal 2009.

This would be the largest increase at TVA since a 20.2 percent increase in 1974.

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Michael sez: We, the taxpayers, paid for TVA. Looks like we are going to be payng some more for it!

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Anonymous said...

I could not believe it myself! Listening to the radio and they state 17% for fuel increase and 3% for screw you even more..

Good to know that you are from around these parts! Sad that we are being screwed ever more.

bb said...

You are being screwed, but it's not TVA, or even the gas and coal companies. The inflation you are seeing in all things is primarily the result of a devaluation of our dollar. The devaluation is a planned activity and it is having the desired result of stealing the wealth of all those except the super rich. Thank your government, primarily the current one, and thank the Federal Reserve.

Grumpyunk said...

My goodness, what is the customer base for the TVA? It has to be in the millions. Does this constitute a "Group sex act" when you screw that many people at once??

Mayberry said...

You're not alone.... Electricity "deregulation" in Texas has been nothing but a gang rape of electricity customers. my rates have gone up 50% in the last year! They've more than doubled from just a couple years ago. I've drastically reduced my consumption, but you can only do so much......

Dragon said...

sounds like its half past time to get off the grid for good.... it would be funny if the power companies woke up one morning and there weren't any customers left...Imagine that and work towards making that a reality...