Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Hey, I have some spare time so I am writing tomorrows blog today. Pretty spiffy. I got on a new blog, for me, today. He calls himself Shy Wolf and he can be found at http://jimshywolf.blogspot.com/ . I really enjoyed his rap. He talks like a man and not a wimp. He is a survivor for sure. I read everything he had written. He knows his stuff out-of-doors. He can fish and he can hunt. He lives up in Minnesota and knows his way around the woods. Give him a read and a comment. This guy has something worthwhile to say.

The Texas Prepper's Network is up and rockin'. You can see what they are up to at http://texaspreppersnetwork.blogspot.com/. They should be successful as a group of informed people. There are a BUNCH of preppers in Texas and Riverwalker says they are coming out of the woodwork. They ain't all bloggers. A lot of them are what I call the Silent Survivalists. They ain't talking, they are doing. I really like that. And it inspires me to do more.

I am getting ready to do more inventory of what I have in my stash. I am also planning on getting some of those BIG zip-loc plastic bags that seal real well and putting stuff in them that are not presently protected as much as I wish them to be. The Handmaiden says they sell for 3 for a dollar at the Dollar Store or Big Lots, she can't remember which. But I think they would be a good idea in case the bags my stuff came in don't work too well.

We intend to use our neighbors 'drying room' pretty soon to dry some jerky. He has the whole ball of wax and said I can use it. I want to stat out on jerky and maybe work my way into pemmican. Real good ways to preserve food without electricity. And the jerky has protein in it. Pemmican has protein and fats both, plus I hear you can put dried berries in it for flavor and all sorts of stuff. We are having a bit of an economic up turn these last few days and I don't trust that information one lousy bit. I still think that things are gonna go bust economically and I will prepare for it. I would be a fool not to do it. If we can see the banks and the investment banks have gotten us in this mess, so then why would we trust them now? Something wrong with that type of thinking. How can you trust the guys who brought you to the brink of disaster and may yet carry you over the edge. I'll prep, thank you.

And prepping is good. You learn to do it on the cheap if at all possible. Some of our worst enemies, Chinamart and her mimickers, have sold us stuff for cheaper than we can get it else where and I am buying it as I can afford it. May as well take the wise in their own craftiness, I say. I believe in God and I believe there is no entity that can oppose him. I do not pray to a limited God. I pray to the master of all creation. And if he gives me a chance to prep, I will take it. Simple as that. I intend to run my course until it is finished and not roll over for any bunch of fools who think they have power.

My inventory will give me an idea of what I REALLY have in the way of preps. It's been a few months and any thing I would say would be a guess. After I inventory I aim to sit down with the Handmaiden and talk about things besides staples. We need some of life's good besides just beans and rice. I like beans and rice but I would also like some Maple Syrup on my cornbread too. I have almost 50 pounds of corn sitting right behind me and it will make a wondrous amount of cornmeal. A super amount of cornmeal. But some spice and some good syrup would make it more tasty. The Handmaiden has been making savory scones and I really like the things. She makes hers with garlic and cheddar cheese. They go down real well with other food. And they are not desert scones so they are not loaded with sugar. Not that refined flour ain't the next thing to sugar, because it is. But they aren't any worse for you than a biscuit and they taste better than a biscuit.

But I have to know what I have so that I will know what I don't have. But I am about to proclaim the hunt for staples to be over in this home. I could still pull in 50 to 75 pounds of beans from the garden and that ought to get it. But I need oils. I need olive oil and maybe some other kind if I can find something non-deadly. Women need oil to cook and bake with and I gotta face that. I will need more salt and Cayenne pepper. I will need Cumin and cilantro and other spices for making good food. A good woman will put love into her food if you give her the necessary ingredients. Gotta find out what we need.

I might buy 50 rounds of 00 Buck but that will do me, I think. I have fishing gear and trout lines and tackle. I have some decent knives. I could use a couple shovels of the number 2 spoon variety. My boot thing is not as bad as I thought. I have a couple pair and a pair of 5 buckle over boots will set me right up for Winter. Those old fashioned buckle boots are just what a man needs. Nothing has come along that can beat them. And they will give longer life to your leather boots.

I could use some gloves and maybe some warm socks for this coming Winter. I still think this coming Winter is going to be brutally cold. I keep going to http://www.spaceweather.com/ and seeing the current picture of the Sun, and there are no Sunspots. I got that URL from Dragon, by the way. He tries to keep track of what is going on. Good man.

I'll go for now and wish you "Stay alive". Outlive your enemies!




riverwalker said...

Thanks for mentioning the network. It is really appreciated. Sounds like your preps are going good. That's nice to hear. I'm working on my preps in one way or another, trying to keep up with the job(s), and various other stuff. I'm hoping you can do a guest post soon for the network. Your insight on matters would be valuable to everyone. Thanks.


LivingSimply47 said...

Hello there,
I've been stopping by here and reading and decided to speak up.
A female prepper here. I have been doing research and looking for hints from those that seem to know what they are talking about. My hat off to you sir.
Hope you don't mind if I visit from time to time to get, give encouragement, and learn a bit.

scoutinlife said...

Hey Michael walmart has those super sized zip locks as well I use them camping........ Yhanks for the link to Shywolf great blog!

Staying Alive said...

Dear RW, your post got put up this afternoon!

Livingsimply47, I didn't get your home email address so you will have to pick and scratch for what you get. Good luck!

scoutinlife, I had relayed the info to the Handmaiden and she will check it out. Might save me some money! Hooray!


Mayberry said...

Pemmican, MMMmmmmmm!!!! I love that stuff! Not so tough as jerky. Which reminds me to add toothpicks to the prep list!!!!