Tuesday, August 19, 2008


It's been quite a reading session this morning. I have added a couple of new sites to my list of morning reads. The first is a lady at http://wildflowers-survive.blogspot.com/. She is pretty cool and thinks ahead. She needs to have a weapon to defend herself. She also needs to get the hell out of town. I might get her a place to stay down South if she is interested. I have a friend who needs some help running his survival retreat. He is a crack shot and can defend. It's out in the country and there are good fields of fire.

I also added http://faolbushcraft.blogspot.com/. Seems to be a reasonable fella. He is a outdoors kind of survivalist but he has nothing against preppers.

While nosing around this morning I read a letter from some guy over on Rawles page and didn't like the guy at all. Seemed like he had been smoking left handed cigarettes for too long. Out of touch with reality. Lives in Tasmania and invited us all down.

I have been thinking this morning about Y2K. It just seems to me that an Electro-Mechanical- Pulse would put us all in Y2K in a major hurry. What does everybody think a EMP is for? Anything that uses electronics will be renderd useless unless it is in a Faraday Cage. And are we going to wrap the country in a huge Faraday Cage? Not in your lifetime, my friend, or in your grandchildrens life time either. All these fancy radios everyone wants to be able to talk around the country or the neighborhood are going to be deader than a stone. Everything that was looked upon with horror at the thought of Y2K will happen with EMP. Your computer, your electricity, your phone, your coffee maker, and on and on, will go out. Your electric range and your freezer will still work but they have no juice to run them so get ready to turn the freezer into a worm bed. The catastrophe of Y2K was just postponed, not ended or cured.

In scanning http://www.wildflowers-survive.blogspot.com/ I noticed a stove of some sort. Looked to be powered by Kerosene or some sort of gas. And it looked like it had the power to do something. There was a big ol' burner and heavy duty up-rights to hold a sizable grill. It would only last as long as you had fuel but it might get you started on the road to recovery from a calamitous event. REMEMBER: THE FIRST 72 HOURS OF A STRESSFUL SITUATION OR NATURAL DISASTER ARE THE HARDEST. HAVE THE WOMEN FOLK ALL PREPARED TO FEED OUT LIKE CRAZY FOR THOSE FIRST FEW DAYS. I have big cans of Hormel Chili and cans of fruit and I am getting some hot chocolate mix and other goodies for just this reason. Don't have any tortillas but I have six and a half pounds of cheese dip. Just remember to get what floats your boat. I also have chicken for making chicken salad. Tuna to be used for much the same purpose. You have to give people a chance to acclimate themselves and get to moving.

Don't push folks to do too much these first 3 days, unless it is time to start shooting. And chances are it will not be time to start shooting, but it will not hurt to post a guard detail on a 24 hour basis.

Over on Mickey Creekmore's blog he had a guest writer who had the audacity to say that our country was swamped with morons and degenerates. Couldn't have put it any better if I tried. My only question is how come so many of them got elected to public office? Now do you understand why taxes will raise in the event of a national calamity? Now can you understand why the continuity of government act was passed? The degenerates and the morons want to survive too! Only they want to survive on YOUR back. This will only be stopped by the sound of something going CLACK, Click. This sound is for the benefit of Ye Olde Tax Collector. And remember another thing kids. Just like back in the days when you were a Boy or Girl Scout, always bury your trash. But if we have a complete monetary collapse then the tax guy won't be around. He'll be reporting to his local FEMA camp so he can plant a huge garden for the powers that be up the ladder from him. What goes around comes around, or so they say.

There are many people with many individual plans for surviving. Some are going for making through the BIG BLAST time. And I say that is a good thought and probably the cornerstone of survival. We all know it's coming so why not face it now while we have the chance to prepare. But until the bombs are dropped there is no reason to man the guns at the door, for the most part. We gotta have gangs of roving Freebooters or gangbangers before we get that serious. But if it gets to that point, well, we are called survivors, aren't we? And we have preached and posted and written letters to the editor until our fingers were numb and it has done no good. We have not been able to reform the system. So why worry about the folks who believe in it? Let them cling to their own rock of safety, where ever the hell that is. I am starting to get hardened to the cries and wailing of people who do not see and prepare. Hell. Even the fedgov says to have two weeks of food on hand in case of an emergency. I said before that they are off 50 weeks shy of the mark and I hold to that. We need a year's supply of food, not two weeks. They ain't gonna fix anything for us in two weeks. Who the hell are they trying to kid?

As one writer this morning said, the only legal option we have is to prepare. So prepare we will. Someone has to be ready to continue some sort of moral and character fiber on this planet after the apes get through trying to destroy it. It is too nice a place to turn back into weeds and rubbish. Our forefathers worked long years to prepare us a place to live and to be free. We have lost the freedom part but we have retained the will to live. We'll get the freedom part back one way or another, God willing. Stay alive.




Riverwalker said...

Chili is a good thing.
Home-made chili is an even better thing! Great post Michael!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the add on my blog; however, I am surprised you listed me as a survivalist. I am, in fact, a prepper. Maybe I need to put more onto my site about preparedness, although I do have a few entries on preparedness.

I do have your blog on my daily read of 12 blogs, 11 of which are preparedness related as well.

Bushcraft is a stop gap measure for me, to fill in for anything I might miss in preparedness. Since I also travel on a daily basis, covering 5 states in my travels, I thought it prudent to learn more, in case I am away from home when something happens, and need to hoof it home, while staying out of sight.

Thanks for bringing the lack of clarity to my attention.


scoutinlife said...

Once again great post Michael!