Saturday, August 2, 2008


I am getting wound out on this aspect of survivalism. But it is a good topic of discussion and learning. It has things in it that the people who live will need to know.


Not to be too simplistic but the reason you might survive a holocaust is a matter of luck or very good planning. As to luck, well, there are isolated pockets of the continent that are going to escape the bombs. Little areas where there was not enough of a reason to send a rocket or a cruise missile overhead and blow it up. Sorta like you weren't pretty enough to ask to dance. Maybe to rocket's guidance program was a little bit off and it fell short of your backyard. Or some dummy didn't put enough fuel in the damn thing. Or maybe a little divine intervention saved your hide. That has happened before!

More likely you planned for the trip and you managed to get tunneled in under a hill or mountain and the blast just could not get to you. The Bible says that "After having done all, stand." and that is the sum of the whole act. And tunnel in is what you will have to do to be very safe. On the land you select for your survival base you need to have some tall hills or a small mountain that you can tunnel into. What ever you do, don't try to blast your tunnel out with explosives. It shatters the rock for quite a ways and makes it susceptible to fall in. They cut through the limestone in this area for roads 35 or 40 years ago and the broken rock is still coming off the face of the cut.

The best way I was told for cutting stone to get into a hill or mountain is with a water saw. It is a high pressure system that shoots a thin stream of water with an incredible amount of force and will cut any rock you ever saw, as far as I know. A couple of my close friends went over to Missouri about 10 years go and watched a demonstration of one of these devices. I think it was put on by the University of Missouri. You might check them out via the web and see if they still do that sort of thing . If they don't I am sure they can put you on to someone who is doing it. Or they can give you a company name you can Google and contact.

But to get underground a goodly distance is your best bet for staying alive. And remember, it is the depth of the ground that it above you that counts. Shielding is where it's at for stopping the effects of radiation and horrific blast. The thicker the shielding the better off you are. Many feet of rock and dirt make a healthy survivalist. And while you are in there waiting for things to calm down you can eat all those food preps you have been storing away. You can munch out to your heart's content. It is not written in stone just how far underground you have to be and how long you must stay there. But what will help you, and shorten your stay underground, in a lot of storms. And you just might get the storms. Those big nukes going off can create a freak weather pattern and storms may be as frequent as every day for a while. And that is what you want. You want lots of toad strangling rain. For days on end if possible. The fallout danger is mainly particulate and rain will wash it away. Lots of good hard rain will literally rinse the fallout off of you. This is reason to NOT have the entrance to your underground shelter in a flood plain. The very thing that could save you could end up drowning you, or making you so miserable you would repent of being alive. Taking notice of any man made lakes in your area would soon tell you if you lived in the path of a large body of water that would flow through your land when it's dam blows away. You gotta be alert to these sort of things. Flood plains are not good in times of emergency. You can put up with them if you have land that will stay above any flood on your flood plain.

Tunneling in with a pick and shovel is possible but you better have good help. It is a bitch. A two balled bitch. Most difficult. And I know the Welsh tin miners put in some big tunnels back in the day, but I seriously doubt we have that quality of man around in much abundance in modern times. But if you can do it, and you get it on, I can guarantee you will have muscles in your shit.

However, what ever way presents itself to you as the most profitable to get underground, you will have a major undertaking. You don't want to just dig a tunnel way back in and submit yourself to hallway living with your friends and family. You want sleeping quarters that afford a little privacy. You have kids you want to see to and make sure they are getting their rest. And a major factor for all preppers is storage room for the preps. My God, the storage room! Americans are good at spending money and accumulating things. And we can get up food for a vast amount of people. But where will we store it? Well, we'll store it in our storage rooms we tunnel out underground. And that storage area will be easily accessible from our main dining room. So now we have sleeping quarters, storage rooms and dining facilities all underground and safe from harm.

You might put a little room in for gun storage. It would be a nice thing to have. It could be made a little larger and hold a lot of ammo also. You might figure on having earplugs or being well versed in air gun shooting for your inside emergencies. Shooting a shot gun in a cave may just knock your ears plumb off your head. At the very least it will make you deaf in short order, if not instantly. You have to be alert when you make your survival home underground. You have to think of things in advance, not retrofit all you want later on. No fair being sheeple in this matter. You absolutely must think on your own.

As to water seepage and so forth, you better learn about Gunite or you better learn about putting in underground plumbing. Good luck. It ain't easy but it is a big comfort to have your own underground home. And when the bombs go off, all the people who don't have underground protection will change their last names to Hurt.


I strongly urge all people to unite under the banner of Patriarchy when TEOTWAWKI rolls over us. All people require a government, whether it be Dad and Mom or a King or something bigger. It just seems inherent to man. And Patriarchy works best. It is by far more efficient than anything else. It' is not hard to know the boss in a Patriarchy. You have the option of going right to the top and having your story heard. Try going to Bush with a community or personal problem. You will be lucky to get within a mile of him. Many layers of bureaucrats between the President and the people. And many men with guns around to see that you don't get to him even for a talk.

I am getting tired of writing today and I think I will give it a rest. I have more to write tomorrow and I intend to do just that. I hope you enjoy these suggestions on how to stay alive.



Unknown said...

A few words about, first, nukes and fallout. If you are even within
eyeball distance of the 'fireball' when a nuke pops, you are in a
world of hurt. If you ACTUALLY see the fireball, you are likely dead.
Neutrons are utterly unforgiving, and seeing the fireball means that
the neutrons can 'see' you. Toast. Your only hope, if one pops within,
let's say, 20 miles, is that you do NOT see it, and that you have
something like a very large hill or small mountain between you and the
fireball. Most likely, this will stop the neutrons. Barring a major
hill, a whole bunch of masonry may stop the neutrons.

Then comes the fallout. This starts immediately. Everything that the
bomb blast sucked up into the fireball gets irradiated by the neutrons released in the blast, turning the detritus into radioactive daughter products. The heaviest stuff falls out quickly, the less heavy stuff less so. The closer to ground zero, the nastier the radiation will be, and the longer lived it will be. As you move away, downwind, from ground zero, the resulting fallout will be lighter and the radiation of the less penetrative and less lethal varieties.

After 100 miles or so downwind, the stuff falling out will have significantly less penetrative (and thus less lethal) radiation, and
the 'half life' of the radiation in the fallout shortens significantly, to the point that a week (or less) under cover will reduce the effective radiation to little or nothing.

Water itself remains water, harmless. However, very light-bodied fallout can be suspended in water, and taking fallout internally, even after many half lives, is NOT healthy. So, at least rudimentary filtering, even something as simple as a 5-gallon bucket of sand with a layer of fairly fine screen in the bottom and some holes to let the filtered water out will do wonders.

Even though it may be (relatively) safe to go outside, 100 miles
downwind, a week after the blast, there are still radioactive
particles everywhere. Therefore, do NOT wear your 'outdoor' shoes into
your shelter. Likewise, it would serve you well to shed your outer
clothes as well as your shoes at the portal.

Do NOT eat anything from 'outside' that was exposed to fallout, unless
it is painstakingly rinsed. Canned food, anything sealed, is
impervious to fallout-- presuming it was not exposed in direct line of sight to the blast, which would have exposed it to neutrons.

But, again, if you are close enough to the blast to receive neutrons,
you and anything outside is in a world of hurt. Most likely, if you
survive at all, you will be enormously sick for some time.

It is mentioned in the blog that underground is the best bet. And this is fact. And the 'more' underground you are, the better off you will be.

But there are wrinkles to underground. Even shelters which are dug have a habit of being dank, damp places, and this is very hard on steel and other metals. That is, storage containers, ammunition,
firearms, other standard items of survival. Food not airtight-sealed
mildews rapidly, and some fungi are as lethal as radiation. Rusty
firearms and corroded ammunition and even simple tools are far less
serviceable, if they remain serviceable at all.

Caves and deep underground bunkers are even more likely to be very
dank, damp, dripping places. ANY underground storage must be done with fine attention to keeping the items dry and protected.

If you do tunnel, and you anticipate any chance of an actual nuclear explosion within a few miles of you, it would serve you well to 'cofferdam', or build a passage in with at least two 90-degree bends.
Mike Kemp

scoutinlife said...

Couple years go I was looking at some property with a cave on it seeing the potential but I was late a contract was written the same day and the property was sold.