Saturday, August 2, 2008


I have been considering survival in the future. I am taking into consideration what my Prophetic Mentor said, what the Bible says, and what I read in the news. And things don't look so good. Contrary to popular belief, I do not think that the coming financial meltdown will bring the physical destruction of our country. I think it will bring a lot of suffering and misery but not any radioactivity. The bombs will come later. We basically discuss the suffering and misery of financial meltdown. And that will be bad. Americans are not used to doing without. And they could end up with doing without homes and food and medical care and fuel and transportation and all kinds of stuff that they have no conditioning for whatsoever. But we still have a government, whether it is worth a damn or not. And as long as federal reserve notes are legal tender, we can prepare. God has not yet destroyed our means to prepare. So prepare we must.

But I am going beyond that lately. I am thinking of the REALLY tough times coming down the road. I am thinking of radiation and physical destruction. I am thinking of a total breakdown of society, lawlessness, disease, radical loosening of societal constraints, complete confusion amongst the remaining populace, inability to feed ourselves, lack of medical care, etc.


I have talked to men that I trust about the bombs to be dropped. I would say there will be major ICBM damage. Military centers will be targeted as well as major population centers. These areas will become radioactive, maybe for thousands of years. Grounds zero will suffer horrible damage and unimaginable casualties. Look for the East and West coasts to get hit really hard. Figure on millions and millions of dead and dying. Big cities will be flattened. Anyone caught flying in an airplane may as well kiss their ass goodbye. Electro-Magnetic Pulse will shut the planes down right in the air.

But a very troublesome vision I heard about was of metal fish coming out of the ocean and flying into the land mass to explode and destroy. Flying fish. Has to be a submarine launched missile. The vision I was told about had these, what I all cruise missiles, coming into the heartland of the country. At a spot in time and space they started kicking off little bombs. Not too tough for a missile specialist to arrange. But the destruction begins. The infrastructure of the country gets blown up. Roads, pipelines, power lines, hydroelectric dams, reservoir dams, bridges, railroad terminals and tracks, and huge warehousing complexes. And suddenly the lights have been turned out. The calendar has been reset to 184o. And if you are still alive, your ass is in a bind. There ain't no way you are ready for something of this magnitude. You are now officially a beached whale.

And beached whale is a good analogy of us, the American consumer. In the accounting of things of this world, this country is the big consumer. We spend and spend and spend the worlds resources to accommodate our wants and needs. Our food comes in from all over the world. Our oil based fuel does also. All that plastic we use comes from oil. All that fertilizer we use for our crops comes from natural gas. All out tires come from oil derivatives. A lot of our power comes from coal which is hauled by diesel trucks and trains which run off of diesel generators. Our water supply is pumped by electrical power which comes from this coal being burnt. Our sewage is pumped away by the same power. Got an outhouse in your back yard? Got a hand pump well in your house, or even close by? Can you get to a grocery while there is still food on the shelves? Can you still pick up some chlorine bleach for maintaining sanitation? One writer asked a few weeks ago as to how many people would end up dying in Big Box Store parking lots trying to get away with supplies when TEOTWAWKI comes. Interesting question. So the infrastructure goes out and you have no fuel, no power, no on-going source of food, no potable water, no sewage disposal, and Praise God, NO TV! And, if you are still alive, you discover that everything is a mess! Everything has been trashed out! Life gets real serious at this point.


Society will start to break down immediately after the bombs are dropped. For all intents and purposes the cops will be out of business and looking for a safe haven. The Paramedics will be out of business also. You can forget emergency medical attention. Hospitals will stop functioning as soon as their emergency fuel runs out. You can also forget about tow trucks and road repairs. If something is broken you better be able to fix it yourself or forget about it. The fire departments will be history. If you can't put the fire out it ain't gonna get put out. The use of money will become a joke. Counterfeiting will become a crime of the distant past. There won't be any place to spend it. YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO SPEND MONEY NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU HAVE! Are you a Diabetic and looking for some insulin? Good luck! And if you found some that was acquirable, what will you pay for it? It is gonna be one horrible time for most folks. Death everywhere. Disease spreading like crazy. Suddenly a shot and a course of antibiotics will not be available and your infection will eat you up! A little cut can cost you a limb, or maybe your life!

And the lawless will be out in force as soon as it dawns on them that they are alive and have to survive. They will come in as single Lone Wolves or in gangs of Freebooters. They will kill and rape and loot to their hearts content. And little kids will be at a premium. Rapists like that young flesh. You read about a young kid getting grabbed about every day of the week. It's a big deal with the media. A child is being attacked or endangered! But when the barriers of society are removed, there will be much more kiddie grabbing and much less said about it. Children to be used for sex and or labor will be a growing business. I believe that constitutes slavery. And it will come back into play. Oh yes. It never really left, it just went deep underground. The human family is capable of most any atrocity. Of course, the main thing about slaves is that they require feeding and housing. But certain people with the ability to provide this will be blessed with slaves to do with as they please. Blacks will enslave Whites and vise verso. Mexicans in the Southwest will enslave blacks and whites. Racially corrupt folks in the Mid-West will enslave Mexicans. And the list goes on. Man's inhumanity toward man.


When TEOTWAWKI hits, those not already in a survival group will be lost souls. They will not have a clue. None what so ever. They will be the prey for every evil imaginable. The robbers and the freebooters will do with them what they wish. Every thing they have will be stripped from them. All that would be of benefit for the prolonging of their life will be taken. And unless they are suitable for hard work or sex they will probably lose their lives. We are talking about bottom line social breakdown here. No holds barred animalism. Survival of the fittest to the extreme. At first these people may be asked to join a warlord and given the promise of protection if they do join up. But after the warlord is secure in his grandeur, the slavery and the rip-off begin. And people living under a warlord will tolerate slavery in their midst because they will be fed and served by these poor people. All they have to do is work the slaves and be ready to fight for the warlord. These kind of places will just be extreme cases of a protection racket. You put up with the bullshit and you live and eat and your kids don't get raped. The other choice is to try to make it on your own and if you are the typical American Beached Whale you will not be able to do this. Most people can not stand pressure of any kind. They get under pressure and they capitulate very quickly. And scum bags understand this and they will use it to their benefit. And any man can be broken. You tie him to a post and he gets to watch his little daughter be brought in and stripped and some big ape get ready to rape her and the man will be ready to agree to most anything. "Now look, Joe Blow, wouldn't it be much better to go to the home we have for you and stay there with you wife and kiddies and live a lot better life than the deal we are about to put on you? Where your family will be safe and unharmed?" And Joe Blow will nod his head yes and the next morning he will be working the slaves like he is supposed to. Pressure is a bitch. So is responsibility.

I'll stop this post for now but I will soon get on another post continuing along this same line. We will get into the reasons why you survived the holocaust. We will discuss Patriarchy and familyism. We will discuss extra children rescued from a cruel and horrible life. We will discuss education. Lots of things to talk about. So stay alive!



watcherinthewoods said...

Dragon said...

as far as the bombs go, emp would be bad enough...
I'm trying to write a story about what the fall/collapse would be like. It's been slow going.
Lastly, I had a thought. Those anti-gun folks disarming everyone ase almost insure that the very worst will come about. Dragon

John said...

Where will these nukes come from? Iran, about whom we're hearing so much propaganda? China?
I think the most immediate concern, as you noted in the first part of your post, is the economy and hww we'll be experiencingdeprivation we're not conditioned for. As you noted, Federl Reserve Notes are still good and usable,though going down in value. It's best to get what we can now with what we have, knowing obtaining gold, especially for investment, is a pipe dream.