Friday, August 29, 2008


I just got done shelling a big bag of beans and then I sat down and listened to Sarah Palin, the vice-presidential designate of John McCain for this coming election. She was quite a treat. She has a son in Iraq. And so does McCain, I believe. This Palin is a maverick and an anti-corruption type of politico from Alaska. She is only 44 years old and is in her second year in office as Governor of her state. She is a Hockey Mom and a Moose hunter. Her husband is a member of the Steel Workers Union and works on the North slope oil field. He has won the Iron Dog snow machine race four times and is the current champion. She spoke in glowing terms of Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton as having cracked the glass ceiling. Now, she says, it is time to collapse the ceiling. I laughed my ass off at the ignominy of the situation.

An Illinois machine politician, Obama, saying we need mysterious CHANGE, picked an East Coast Liberal Machine politician, Biden, to be his running mate and we are supposed to get change from these machine politicians. Not a chance! Not a chance in Hell. Mayor Daley runs the Chicago machine just like his father did. And it elected Obama. And that means it has the goods on Obama and could dump his ass anytime it wished. All unknown at this point but don't think for a minute that the info isn't there, because it is. Obama represents the Machine. He is not for change. He is for the status quo. I remember when the Chicago Machine beat the young people of this nation in what was called a police riot, back in 1968. The machine was triumphant. Old man Daley was as arrogant as ever after that episode.

The Machine has extracted a few promises from Obama. A few key positions will be filled with certain people favored by the Machine. And if Obama wins, those promises will be fulfilled. The road to hell is already paved and waiting. The Left is wanting to disarm the people of this country. They also want to install more government programs to buy more votes for the next election. This is the "reason for being" of a political machine. It's methodology is to perpetuate itself. It's whole function is continuity. To the Machine, nothing is more important than the Machine. And of course, the Machine wants to govern and have the rule over the people. Here we have the basis, the whole reason for Obama's existence, on the American political scene. There are no heart issues in the Machine. Issues of the heart are the stuff of ad companies who write the campaign slogans. Political pollsters find out what the people really want and the ad campaign puts it out there in speeches. But the boys in the back room are not moved by issues of the heart. They are moved by the need for the survival of the Machine. If they win the election they all move up a few pay grades.

Obama is not a Thomas Paine, or even a John Kennedy. He is a machine politician out of Chicago. Plain and simple. If Obama wins, the machine wins.

On the brighter note I got a big bag of beans shelled yesterday and my wife has blessed me with another bag and a half for today. But I asked her to do it. I believe in prepping. I believe in having enough food on hand for hard times. After we put up all that stuff we had thrown down in bags, it is looking pretty good in the supply area. Even the Handmaiden is feeling more secure and positive. But we will try and do even better. There are still some areas for the expression of our tastes and needs. We still don't have powdered milk. Gonna check on different types of grains besides the corn and beans and rice we now have. Millet tastes pretty good and it is nutritious. Vlad Strelok has me on a search for alternative grains right now. I will see what the Amish have for sale. Spelt seems to be a major player with the Amish. A lot of people seem to think that Spelt is better than the Wheat that is grown these days. Maybe it is. I reckon the Amish stuff, whatever it is, will be non-hybrid and can be used for seed. Gonna have to study up on how to get those little bitty seeds harvested in some kind of an efficient manner.

That will just about end it for this Saturday morning. You folks down on the Gulf coast keep an eye on Gustav and get ready to bug out if need be. I hope you all are safe and sound and stay that way. And God helps those who help themselves. Stay alive.



vlad said...

If you can't get corn and wheat

vlad said...

more info on millet learn/food/millet.htm