Sunday, August 17, 2008


It's Sunday morning once again. The cats are waiting on the Handmaiden for breakfast and I am the same. Love that breakfast. I really ought to by some powdered eggs for my preps. I could at least have scrambled eggs as I watched the country collapse. I have a little bit of canned ham and that could do for breakfast meat just fine, for a while anyway.

I have been emailing with the Urban Survivalist and I like him. He's sorta quietly tough and that is to be admired. He knows more than he lets on in his blog. He is a bit conservative but that keeps him from jumping out there and making a fool of himself. You gotta give a guy credit where credit is due. He IS looking around for a quiet little place in the countryside. He just doesn't want it to be a long way off and I can't say as I blame him. But if he can get his act together as he would like to do it, then I think he will be okay. He ain't scared.

I was emailing with a friend and had a good laugh. He is growing some Okra in his garden and it is prolific as all get out. He is getting tons of it! And he doesn't like it! Can't stand the stuff. He grew it for his daughter-in-law and got a big surprise in his yield. No good deed will go unpunished.

It is 56 degrees outside as the myth of global warming continues. There are places in the South where it is hot but not here in Indiana. Generally low 80's during the day and mid to low 50's at night. I think we are going to have a VERY cold Winter. Our cats are really chowing down on their food ration, especially the older male. I think he knows something is up and wants to be ready for it. The older male and the young kitten get two cans of cat food every day, with dry food constantly available. The older male is getting right after it!

The urban folks are still beating their chests and saying what a great thing it is to live in the cities and the 'burbs. I think their words will change soon enough. My thought is I hope we can find a place to put them when the time comes. We will do the best we can, though. I reckon that if they can work for food and raiment then everything will work out. Folks need the opportunity to get their food and water and have a place to live. Their kids need to go to school. But we will work all of that out when the time comes. Never fear, the people of God will come together and survive.

Florida is supposed to get some rain from Tropical Storm Fay pretty soon. The weather guys are not looking for too big of an event down there, just plenty of rain. Maybe Georgia will be getting a good dose. I hear they need it.

The Handmaiden found some cold-pressed, extra virgin, olive oil down at the Amish store for $8. It is a liter. I think I have found my source for getting my oil stash built up. The woman tells me that the oil would probably cost double in a local grocery. That would seem to me to indicate that stores are gouging a bit on olive oil. What gets me is that this is the Yuppie ideal of great cooking oil and the Amish are selling it cheap. The Yuppies don't have the sense to shop out on the Amish farms! And unless they read this blog they will never find out about the great deals they are missing.

And this brings me to the subject of Nouriel Roubini. He is a blogger, though I fail to have his URL to give you. Let me Google this first. Aha! You might start checking him out at . He is an interesting fellow and very erudite. And he calls a spade a spade. No cry-babies in Roubini's world. But he says we are headed for a merry ride down the slippery slope of a trillion dollar bank default in this country. And now a lot of mainstream guys are getting on his bandwagon. We really do have something to look forward to experiencing. I remember back in the day, say the early 70's, when we had to eat green beans and potatoes twice a day to get us all fed. Two weeks we had to do that. There was some bitching of course, but we made it and survived and went on with life. But I have never seen the result of a nation wide bank failure. That could go on for a year or two. And you talk about some hostile voters! If we retain the right to vote that is. More than likely we will be under martial law at that point. The fedgov will be going crazy trying to control the population centers. I think the country folks can avoid most of this crap. Let us hope so. Let us hope we stay alive, also.


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Grumpyunk said...

Regarding that olive oil. Is that Amish store you're talking about the one west of Salem?

Spent a few days up in the Amish area of Northern Indiana recently and wasn't impressed with the prices anywhere I stopped. Maybe because it's a tourist area?