Friday, August 15, 2008


Kinda sitting around and relaxing and typing my morning blog a little early. It has been a busy day. But I am at peace with the day, whether high or low on the human scale of ratings. At least the price of oil is still dropping and that will help us all. The human family still has no clue to the living of life. The third largest country on the planet and we can't get it together to live right. Life has conspired to leave us with conservative republicans and liberal democrats. Both groups leave much to be desired. So very muddled in their thinking. The elections are a farce. Who has taken a stand on anything? Who has promised to do what about wars and poor economy? And those are the biggest issues we face. You would think that voting public would be screaming for answers. But not so. We merely have rival gangs fighting over the loot in Washington, D.C. The trick is to get the nomination and then let the pros take over the campaign and get you elected. The guy with the most money wins. Simple.

The stock market is up and the dollar is up and oil is down. Happy days are here again! Except all the tricks in the book will not change the employment picture one iota. All the tricks in the book will not bring America her pre-eminent position in manufacturing back to her shores. Instead we get smoke and mirrors and maybes and manipulations. But like one guy said today, you can't borrow your way into prosperity. And that is exactly what this US Government is trying to do.

In going through my preps today I discovered two cans of a swollen nature. I immediately discarded them as unsafe. They are those kind of cans that you don't have to use a can opener to open. You just pull a tab and peel the top off. I never liked those kinds of cans. The part that was really disturbing was that they were cans of Spam! I have never heard of Spam going bad. A first for me.

I don't have enough cooking oil and I don't have enough vegetables. I will get more this coming week, God willing. I would also like to get some more coffee and some hot chocolate mix and things that bring a comfort to your soul. It's a small thing as far as nutrition is concerned but it will bring a little light on a gloomy day.

Everything we get we pay for it in cash. No credit card or loans or any of the bull hockey. And it has always been that way with our preps. All cash on the barrel and no carrying charges, thank you. But our fedgov does not feel that way about life. They cannot wait until they have the money, cash in hand. They want what they want when they want it and the world better cough up the money to loan us to get it. What a way to run a world. Have the means to live and live within your means.

We have a weekend coming up and any more it is just a boring time for me. Very few comments on my blog. A lot of writers take the weekend off. Oh well! I just got a hot tip from Charli Gribble.


When you bring home beans, rice, anything you can put
into other bags.....put the bay leaves in EVERYTHING............
I even put bay leaves in my sugar.........Another thing you can do
if you have access to a freezer, put stuff in the freezer for 48-72 hours.
Freeze their little asses off, then put the stuff in a bag and put the
bay leaves in.
Something I discovered this past week........when looking for
sumac for making tea, use the smooth edged leaf. It is a heck of a lot better
than the 'saw-tooth' edged leaf sumac tree. The berries just make a better tea.


That is what I like about survivalism. You can get answers to problems pretty quick and they are things you can do with something less than a machine shop. Say alive!


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