Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Vaccines Found to Cause Diabetes in Children
by David Gutierrez

Two new studies showing that vaccines increase the risk of diabetes have been published in the Open Pediatric Medicine Journal.

In a prior study, published in the journal Autoimmunity, Dr. J. Bartholomew Classen of Classen Immunotherapies and David Carey Classen of the University of Utah compared more than 100,000 children who had received between one and four doses of the hemophilus vaccine with more than 100,000 unvaccinated children. The Classens found that after seven years, children in the vaccination group had a 26 percent higher risk of developing diabetes than children in the non-vaccine group. This amounted to an extra 54 cases of diabetes per 100,000 children vaccinated.

The Classens noted that the vaccine itself is only projected to prevent seven deaths and seven to 26 cases of permanent disability per 100,000 children.

"Our results conclusively prove there is a causal relationship between immunization schedules and diabetes," J. Bartholomew Classen said at the time.

In the more recent study, Classen examined data on the same vaccine, this time looking only at children who had a sibling with Type 2 diabetes. He found that the hemophilus vaccine led to an extra case of diabetes in one of every 50 such children, or 2 percent. This is 40 times higher than the already-elevated rate found in the Autoimmunity study.

"The recent data shows that common childhood vaccines are especially dangerous to children with a strong family history of diabetes," Classen said. "Parents of a child with a strong family history of insulin-dependent diabetes ... should know that the administration of a full series of vaccines may have a greater than 5 percent chance of causing their child to develop diabetes."

Another study, published in the same issue of the Open Pediatric Medicine Journal, demonstrated a connection between the hepatitis B vaccine and Type 2 diabetes.


Riverwalker said...

Good post Michael! Another thing to remember is that most of the flu shots people are getting have high concentrations of mercury (enough by EPA standards they would be considered toxic) and can lead to memory problems, etc.


Bill in NC said...

"the vaccine itself is only projected to prevent seven deaths and seven to 26 cases of permanent disability per 100,000 children."

I don't think so:

"Before Hib vaccine, Hib disease was the leading
cause of bacterial meningitis among children under 5
years old in the United States...

Before Hib vaccine, about 20,000 children in the
United States under 5 years old got severe Hib
disease each year and nearly 1,000 people died."

The next tetanus/diptheria booster I get as an adult also will also have a pertussis booster (Tdap), only needed because people are too unwise to vaccinate their kids against whooping cough.