Saturday, August 23, 2008


Hey! It's late Saturday night but this will go for Sunday, I reckon.

I am a little perturbed by the fact that I can get on the mainstream media on the Internet and find no mention of the bank failure in Topeka, Kansas. That sorta bugs me. You figure that this miserable government of ours would at least warn us of approaching harm. But I do not think that is the case. They will warn us of approaching harm if it will raise their threat level and get them a bigger appropriation for Homeland Security, but when the fifth bank goes out since the middle of July you don't get a word. You either find it on alternate media or you get hung out to dry. That must explain why we are so devoted to blogs and alternate media. Just plain old survival. You can read about Joe Biden being picked for Obama's running mate until your mind snaps. But if the financial sector of our nation is about to bite the big one, well, you get nothing.

And that is relatively close to being wasteful. All the time and money we have put into our security would at least entitle us to some kind of warning. Some kind of word that we had better do something because the train is headed down our track and is about to turn us into ooey gooey. This is some indication of what our elected officials, Bush and Cheney, think of us. They want us out there consuming like crazy and that is about it. They will count the votes after an election and tell us who won. Don't it just warn your heart. I wonder who Diebold has pickled for President this election? Sure does a world of good to have them pulling for you!

I actually watched a video on Fox this evening showing some CEO who said his company was doing well and the future looked rosy. Of course, he is in energy and fuel and that sort of stuff. I wonder if he has bought into a lot of TVA and is gonna get a big boost from this rate hike going into effect very quickly. He did gripe quite a bit about paying American taxes and thought the rates ought to be cut so that we could be more competitive. Of course, most of his really big business is overseas and they do it on the cheap over the oceans. He probably outsources to Indiana and China as much as possible. And I would too! I'll be damned if I make things any better for this government! When things get back to being honest then we'll be get back to being regular Americans again. Until that time they can kiss me where the sun don't shine.

Our weather has turned warm this last week and a half but it looks like it will turn cooler again tomorrow. I was getting used to those cool nights. Great for sleeping. I don't think we have ever had heat turned on in our bedroom. We just don't like it. We have quilts and blankets to handle the cold. But you can sleep with your nose sticking out from under the covers and keep that good fresh air coming into your system. Wonderful!

That is all for now. Stay alive!


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