Thursday, August 7, 2008


I don't have much of an idea of what I am going to write about, but here goes. I visit the corporate media and it is full of stories about the up coming election. What little I read leads me to believe that Obama is a dangerous jerk and has no business being president. He is anti-gun, pro-police state and really just an ignorant guy. His mantra is about CHANGE. What the hell is he going to change? Is our big change gonna be living in a totalitarian socialist state? I think that is the way he sees things. His background is half African and not too much related to what we are in this country. Hillary says she doe not think he can be elected. I sure do hope she is correct in her analysis. I reckon that means TWO morons can't be elected this year, Clinton and Obama. McCain, I prefer to call him McPain is limping along with his campaign. He did show up at Sturgis for the big Bikers convention and gave a speech. I think he did well up there. I do not think he is anything but a tool of the elite, as is Dubya. His path is fairly predictable. We will not do well with McPain but we know what to expect. He is from a long lived family on his mothers side and could live out a full term. His running mate will be worthy of some scrutiny.

I have some favorable replies on my posts about getting an underground shelter on your retreat land. No one seems to have it together yet but neither do I. Nothing like not running out of things to do. I like having something to dream about and scheme about. It keeps me running. The main thing is that people get the message that being underground is maybe the only sure way to stay alive in an attack against these shores. And being underground is not fool proof. It is just a good place to begin.

As the old saying goes, a journey begins with the taking of one step. And after that step is taken who the hell knows what will turn up? In getting yourself underground you will be taking the same steps that our fedgov big wigs have taken. The fat cats who just have the check written and don't bother to worry about it. So we, who wish to survive, have to pay double or more for the same benefits our public servants get for free. What's wrong with this picture? I guess the public servants think like we do, that they are the bosses and we are the servants. I reckon that they are right, as far as this day and age is concerned. But times change and so do realities. I will not be inviting them to my shelter when TEOTWAWKI comes. They will be well sheltered anyhow. But if and when they come out and start giving orders. well, we shall see what the future brings. They will need to be told that what was real when they went into their shelters is not what is real when they come out. Things change, you know. I guess they will have to go hang out with their friends the bankers and the big businessmen. Hey! They can be the first Warlords! Somebody to deal with when we come out for a breath of fresh air.

This mess we are in right now is not the end of our country, not the end of our government. This is merely a prelude to what is really cooking. This is the time of waking people up and prodding them to get ready for the REALLY tough times. I am not really too worried about SHTF right now. Who cares? I have a bit of food stored and some ammo for my shot gun and my 22. I have some tools and some extra goodies like waterproof matches and fire starters. I'm like everybody else that has half a brain, I read and I learn. My wife is making an herbal mixture that will provide good nutrients and can be mixed into casseroles and soups and all kinds of different foods. I don't know where she picked that one up. I will ask her right now. Hmmm. There will be a slight delay while she tries to get it together. But this is not the first time I have had to wait and I will do it. Oops. She just emailed me the URL where she got this stuff. She also sent a little note. "It is somewhere buried in those pages. Don't know where. There wasn't much besides the basic idea of the Greens Jar. HM" Good luck to those who search.

But until the banks start failing like snowflakes in a white-out, I ain't too worried. The masses will start to rumble when the banks close. The poor are already making it so they won't be too upset. But when the money is not there or it turns absolutely worthless then I can get serious about SHTF. Then it can get to throat cutting and kneecapping time pretty easy. But do not look for that to arrive too soon. I have agreed with Dragon that the middle of this month is the time of seriousness and it may not come off as we planned. It is looking like a slower descent into hell that I figured. Oil is dropping and lower gas prices will have everyone thinking that happy days are here again. Don't fall for that bullshit either. But you better get ready for the banks to fail and the Chinese to disregard our pleas for a new loan!

That is about all I have to say this morning. Stay alive and keep planning for the future. If we do things right we will have a future!



Anonymous said...

Great general post especially towards the end "Don't fall for that bullshit either".

It would appear that with the fiscal year ending & the fed reserve having to be audited the world bankers are going to shit a brick.. $10 trillion federal debt, $10 trillion trade debt + 50 states of how many are in debt or just coming into the red.

I came across this vid & it regurgitates a lot of what a man named (?lyndsey william?) has been saying.


Me said...

You dumb folks will get just what you deserve, another greedy, evil, vacation-taking, stupid, amoral, rich white man like GW and the end of this country with a bang or a whimper. All richly earned and deserved. At least what you get will be a familiar pinkish old white male face to y'all. Heaven forbid you get some change. You've done such a great job thus far.

I wish that there was some way that the spoils of your ignorant racist unChristian and selfish choices such as the ones white Americans made in recent years voting for completely amoral, rich Republicans would only belong to those who chose them--such as only the fools who voted for GW should have to pay the high gas and grocery prices and only have their kids killed in GWs war for power and oil. Wouldn't it be great if they and only they suffered for their racist, ignorant choices like you'll make instead of those who chose more wisely?

Staying Alive said...


You will not find anyone more determined to end the inequities of life than a survivalist. We are well aware that things are not right. But our feeble numbers have not allowed us to prevail in the choice of candidates nor the election results. So we do the next best thing: WE PREPARE for the shit that is coming to us. It is not quite correct to accuse this small minority of people, the survivalists, of racism or elitism or whatever when they are the only folks really trying to do something.

Some of us believe that error is it's own reward and that the clowns who are presently running the show will reap a whirlwind of vengence. But keep your ideas of evil being present in the world, for it is truly with us. Just get ready to survive the onslaught of the future.


Me said...

Your admonishment to prepare is a wise one unless as individuals we want to be buffeted and battered by the coming storms.

But unfortunately most survivalists are victim-blaming, entitled, pouty sort of white males (there is no better natural affirmative action than to be a white male--talk about handouts, free ride gravy trains, and goodies!).

I will grant you that mostly because of their privilege and ease, more seem to have more sense. But the ones with sense don't have enough clout to put someone decent such as Ron Paul forward--someone who would be more acceptable to them and the majority because of outer appearance and shared privilege.

I wonder myself if Obama is only a tool or a fall guy, put forth by the PTB, soon to be assassinated.

I can't imagine the PTB allowing a black guy to have much real power other than merely following their orders. May be he's just a puppet such as Reagan and the other fairly recent Rethug figureheads? But he doesn't seem the type--Reagan and his like (Ford, Bushes, etc) were/are unintelligent yes men--while Obama is very sharp.

I say it's likely Obama is a fall guy to be killed anyway for some underlying reason and manipulation. He's too intelligent, charismatic, but Uppity (what they term as Arrogant) to be allowed to function freely.

Staying Alive said...

creme whip,

I don't know where you get this WHITE PRIVILEGED MALE stuff. Most of my fellow preppers are damn near poverty stricken, and some truely are.

All bullshit aside, we see a problem arising and we are geting ready to defend against it. And it isn't the poverty programs or affirmative action that we blame. It is a stupid, self-serving and corrupt government, along with it's legion of big banks and huge corporate allies.

This mess is too big for Obama to handle. He does not have the savvy to deal with the system. He is charismatic and bright. And he got elected to the U.S. Senate. But I do not think he will win this battle.

You know, if Obama was smart he would do just as Bush did back in 1999 and just say that he was not going to touch the guns. But he belongs to the strangest political group I have ever seen, BLACK ANTI-GUN FOLKS. For a group of people who have had real harm done to them, you would think the blacks would be pro-gun like crazy.

But aa lot of thingw don't make sense anymore, so I take the stance that I am not big enough to do anything about it and just prepare to live on. The worst thing you can do is outlive your enemy. Hah!


Me said...

Poverty stricken white males with as easy time as they have getting jobs and hand ups are truly pathetic.

Try being not-white sometimes buddy, or better yet, black, then you'd at least be grateful if nothing else to be white again with folks eager to give you breaks and at least the benefit of the doubt at the very least.

I don't know where you get blacks are anti-gun. That's a liberal thing. Many working blacks are quite conservative--you just won't see them voting for racists and rich white men. They generally vote for the best of a bad lot.

What it is is FAR more dangerous to have a gun if you're a black man--whether legal, or if they're a law abiding citizen or not. Black men get treated in a way you probably can't even imagine as a privileged, gravy-train riding white man.

Authority, police and other armed white men will shoot first and ask any question later of any black man. Even killing children.

Most black folks in American are cognizant of their history. A lot of the stuff I read about blacks is complete bullshit. (Such as beingon welfare. Folks who say this have no idea what getting on welfare entails and what you sacrifice for it--all the blacks I've ever known have been against welfare and consider it a tool whites use to destroy the black community--along with shipping in drugs, giving arms to criminals, and AIDS, of course--Jeremiah Wright has some true points, only shocking to privileged, sheltered white folk).

Why don't you read up on the riots in the 20s for instance and what happened when blacks armed themselves (with some help from a few horrified white neighbors also) in Tulsa, OK to defend themselves against rampaging, looting white mobs in their neighborhood?

In fact, history will tell you the only rampaging looting savages who have ravaged many neighborhoods of another race in this country have been white.

Blacks can erupt in anger and destroy their own neighborhoods, but trek across town? Not likely. They'd be mowed down and slaughtered.

All the military, hunting men in my family damn sure keep their guns well hidden and let NO ONE know they have them, much less brag about them on blogs and the Internet. If asked they will quickly say they are against guns. Why? Fear. That right to bear arms isn't for blacks.

History tells the story, even though it isn't taught and suppressed in this country. Most blacks remember very well how whites are and who outnumbers who--even those who have served in the military.