Saturday, August 23, 2008


I have some time to write so I will blog away! The Handmaiden is out and about shopping and visiting the Amish and so forth. We should be getting our beans harvested pretty soon, at least I hope so. I am getting tired of not having them in the storage. I want those little darlin's socked away with the rest of my preps. They should make up about 8 to 10 gallons of beans and that is nothing to sneeze at, at least for me. And that should insure that the people in my building will eat. My buddy's wife told me this morning that she has lots of Muskmelon on her kitchen counter and we are welcome to plenty of it. Sounds good to me! I gave the handmaiden the money to buy diatomaceous earth form the Amish this morning and some extra money for a couple can openers. I would be horrible embarrassed if we didn't have extra can openers when the SHTF.

I was bombarded by info, chiefly from Texas, that Mint leaves would do a good job of protecting my beans from vermin while they wait patiently to be cooked and eaten. Just slip them into the bag like they were Bay Leaves and you're all set. It's amazing what preppers know if they have to think about things. You just have to jar their memories and then it comes out and helps you save the day. Nothing like it.

And speaking of preppers, I have been reading on a daily basis and I am convinced the woman has a brain. A very GOOD brain. It is a shame she can't get out of the city where she lives but she is comfortable there and I wish her the best of survival. But we have hospitals out here in the countryside and she could get a job at one of them pretty easily. And I figure she would be much safer that way. And being safe is a function of staying alive.

My man Mayberry at is doing okay from the sounds of things and I hope THAT continues. He has an article on getting it together for making it this Winter. Poverty is about to come upon me and I will be doing what I can to make it. Hell, I might even like poverty, I don't know. I really don't have a lot of wants anymore. I might have the Handmaiden pick up something I think we need for preps but that is about it.

There were no sunspots this morning but there is a place where it looks like one is trying to break through. No big deal. But it all points to a cold Winter as far as I am concerned. Gotta get a wood stove put into this building. It couldn't heat it but it could save our water lines in the event of a power outage. Of course, if we have a power outage we won't have any water anyhow but it will raise some hell when it comes back on! And power outages are a hot item these days what with the Farmers Almanac predicting big time snow fall this winter. Limbs get too heavy with snow and they snap off and fall over the power lines and there you are. Power outage. But we have those things out here in the countryside and we can generally handle it pretty well. I just saw the Handmaiden's stash of emergency candles. She has 20 of them. Good woman.

Another bank went under Friday afternoon. It was out in Topeka, Kansas, I believe. I am sure you have noticed that the Mainstream Media does not report these bank closings very well. What Really Happened had it up and Bloomburg had it buried in the International news or some such shit. And it never happens until it is too late for the evening news on Friday. I think Lehman Brothers will be next to ring the bell. They had a deal going with the South Koreans but they wanted too much money for what they had to sell. They got a bit uppity with the Koreans cause they backed out. But it's okay because the fedgov will do the deed if no one else will do it.

I got some free seed this morning. Not much but you can't beat the price. Mainly lettuce seed, which I am not particularly fond of growing but which the Handmaiden is quite adept at producing.

I will go for now and leave you with the admonition to stay alive!


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Jess (Ozark Momma) said...

Sounds like you all have a good handle on it M...maybe start hitting some yard sales and find a couple of good ol' fashioned oil lamps. I have one that is 30+yrs old (got it free) and one that I picked up today at chinamart...guess which one is better? Yep, you know it!